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4 Simple Tips That will Save you Money on Fiverr

While is still one of best websites to get connected with Freelancers and to find thousands of different services or Gigs, Fiverr can also be a place to waste your time and money, sometimes.

The customer's support of Fiverr is well organised and responds quick enough on any queries you might have, plus is helpful in most of the cases should any friction or a dispute between the seller (the freelancer) and the buyer(the customer) occur.In this blog post, I will try to summarise the important things you should always consider before you purchase any Gig on Fiverr.

These small tips are to help the users on Fiverr, especially the ones who are new to this famous marketplace.I'll share part of my experience as a customer on Fiverr and I hope these to be useful for you, because they are useful for me.The same Tips apply to any other micro jobs website, that offer similar or same services as on Fiverr.


Finding a Service 

The first thing is to find what you look for.This is as easy as pie.You can search by using a keyword for the service you require in the provided Search bar and then narrow down your search results to find exactly what you are looking for.This means that except applying the provided filters when searching for your keyword or keywords, you should consider few other important "details".


Tip 1: Finding the right Service or Gig

The second thing is to find exactly what you look for.
If you need a new article written for your Blog, do you know what is the difference between PR article and 
SEO article?Are you sure what is the difference between engaging, original content and spun content ?If 
you are not certain then you better spend some time to clear up this matter, because this will cost you time 
and money in future.And disappointment, sometimes.Not to mention the headaches....
What you can do is to check yourself on the Internet the unknown,"tricky" terms and to be clear about 
what you need.

Make a research before you order a Gig.

The next thing is to make a thorough comparison between the Gigs that came as results of your search and read carefully the details mentioned there.My advice is to compare as many Gigs as 
possible.This is essential for most of the Gigs anyway and will help you not only to find the best deal, but 
also to avoid some misunderstandings in future.And the third, but the most important is-before 
you order-always ask the freelancer about some details which are interesting for you, but 
not specified, or unclear.Never assume.Ask.Is advisable to do this every time, when you plan to work with 
a freelancer you have never hired before.


See two examples to understand better why do you need to make some Research before you order a Gig.Do you really want these Gigs?

Example 1 (a Gig):  "I will give you a massive collection of PLR articles for 15 $"

Do you Really want to spend money for such a service?This is something you can can find easily by 
typing "PLR articles collection" in Google.
Cost=0 $.Advantage-you don't feel disappointed to find that a third of the amazing collection is pretty much 
the same, but with slightly different names...

Example 2 (a Gig):  "I will catapult your site ranking with my high PR SEO authority links"

How can such service be expected to be successful if there are hundreds of people who will pay for the 
same?Some of them for the same keywords, so they are competitors...
So when can I expect to see the results of such a Gig?Never?Most probably.


Finding a Freelancer

In some cases working with a freelancer with a "high reputation", but with the wrong freelancer with high reputation, could be more disappointing than working with a "newbie", simply because of the expectations.And sometimes- because of the price. Or because of both.
Usually freelancers with "high reputation" will charge you more, sometimes 10 times more for the same 
service compared with a "new" freelancer who has no reviews yet and has just posted a Gig.Take your 
time and read the details in the Gig and Ask.Ask questions before you purchase.Also have a look at the 
reviews left from the other customers, but still don't trust all of them 100%.Why?You can see later below.






Tip 2 : Finding the right Freelancer

The first thing is not to find what you look for, but to find exactly what you need.
Do you need an article written by educated native English speaker or someone who states "my English is 
very good".In any case you can't be certain, even if the given location is the UK, Canada, Australia or the 
USA, first because many foreigners will offer you service from the country they live in (i.e. a native french 
who lives in the USA, for example etc.) and second-because some of the freelancers use proxies when 
registering on Fiverr.How to find the "correct" freelancer or the person who will complete 
the work as you expect it.First- see the details stated in the Profile of the Freelancer.These are not always 
true, but might give you an idea what to expect.Having read such information before purchasing a Gig will 
most probably save time for both sides.Time spent for revisions, disputes, cancellations, complaints, etc. 
which unfortunately happens sometimes.


Ask questions before you purchase.Get in touch and communicate with the person from the other side 
and clarify all the points that are important for you, but maybe not very clearly stated in the Gig announcement.
There are many positive outcomes from the communication, for both sides.For instance, you might find 
that even if the person from the other side is not the best choice for your present project you can use his or 
hers' other services or gigs some time in future and to build a professional relation.Some of the freelancers clearly state at the bottom of their Gigs "Better just drop me a message before you order"
what you should use always use when you deem necessary or have any doubts.


See two examples to understand why do you need to make some Research and Communicate before you order a Gig.Do you think this Freelancer is good for this task?Do you really want these Gigs?


Example 3 (A freelancer's portfolio): Hi, I'm XXX , a social shouter from USA. I love to visit my social media 
site daily and also love to inspire my fans and followers ... I work for startup company, webmaster, service 
provider, agency & research company to reach their global audience"

When I asked for some more details about a gig I received a message that was definitely from a 
freelancer, with extremely bad English, who I wouldn't hire to do a promotional campaign for my business on 
any of the social sites....
This is only one of the many examples I have to give a practical example why the communications are 
useful as a customer on Fiverr or on any of the micro jobs sites.


Example 4 (a Gig) : "I will send you unlimited traffic tool for lifetime use" 
Example 5 (a Gig) : "I will send unlimited traffic to your website for a month" 
Example 6 (a Gig) :"I will increase your Alexa Rank"


Would you like to spend money over a free tool, which someone will use to provide you "unlimited traffic to 
your site" of just to sell you a gig with a link to the free tool for unlimited traffic?Me-not.
By asking question prior ordering the Gig you will be able to clarify what exactly you are about to order 
and to avoid misunderstandings and disappointments.And maybe-even to save some money and avoid 
order cancellations and bad comments in the reviews section.


Don't be Naive and Don't Trust the Users reviews 100% 

Why I don't trust some users' reviews?Why you shouldn't trust some of the users' reviews on Fiverr?
Once you have chosen the right gig and the right freelancer and have your order delivered it's time to 
review it and provide a feedback.
Hold On.There's no rush.

The true and fair feedback Is important for both sides.
You can provide your review in two weeks time.Or even later.Providing a fair and the true feedback is not 
urgent thing, but is very important.I don't trust many (I would say most) of the provided reviews for freelancers, because the 
Fiverr's system is "pushing" the customers to give a feedback or to review and rate the delivered order 
straight after the delivery.Attention: This is not necessary.

See two examples to understand why I don't trust some users' reviews.Do you really want these Gigs?


Example 7 (a Gig) : "II will create 100, High DA, permanent backlinks for you" 
Example 8 (a Gig) : "I will create high PR backlinks, exclusive SEO Iinks"




Maybe not-if the links are not from relevant sites and are part of some spammy comments will be deleted in few days time.Also- you can't manually publish text in 20,000 or 100,000 places in three days time, even few hundreds are too many.High DA stays for High Domain Authority, but many of the customers dosn't know that except the DA the other important thing is the PA of the site where they are posted.So you can get for 5 bucks sometimes hundreds and thousands of links created with GSA or similar software from various websites,which will not help you except if your site is competing with Wikipedia and the PA of your site is much, much lower than the PA of the sites where the links come from,which is not necesarily the case. Also some of the freelancers don't really want you to know that high DA of a website doesn't mean that the PA of the webpage from the same website will be also high,hence the links' quality is zero.It's a different thing to get a link from a high authority website such as Tumblr's main pages(high DA,high PA) and another-from a blog post on one of the thousands Tumblr's pages with (high DA,but low PA).You might be surprised,but I had a chat with some "experts" who offer the above services or Gigs and they also don't know (or at least seems so) the difference.How about the PR?You din't know that the Page Rank doesn't exist anymore.Well-it doesn't, but there are hundreds of people who still offer a service to improve the PR of your website and to boost your Google ranking.Even if the PR is not criteria for measurement anymore.How then to trust such offers and the reviews how good these offers are? Same for the freelancers who are taking advantage of the lack of knowledge of the mass of the customers who are their clients and later give them "excellent"appraisals.I don't know about you,but I don't. 

You might be surprised,but I had a chat with some "experts" who offer the above services or Gigs and they also don't know (or at least seems so) the difference.How about the PR?You din't know that the Page Rank doesn't exist anymore.Well-it doesn't, but there are hundreds of people who still offer a service to improve the PR of your website and to boost your Google ranking.Even if the PR is not criteria for mesurement anymore.How then to trust such offers and the reviews how good these offers are? Same for the freelancers who are taking advantage of the lack of knowledge of the mass of the customers who are their clients and later give them "excellent"appraisals.I don't know about you,but I don't.

These were again some real examples and of course there are many other things about the quality of the links and the link building, but this post is not about it.The important thing is to know what you order, to confirm with the freelancer you are both on the 
same page and then-to go for an order, or simply to choose somebody else for your project.



Tip 3: Check Freelancer's Reputation, but Don't rely much on Freelancer's Reputation 

How important is the reputation of the freelancers?
Would you hire a freelancer who have a good reputation (let's say "Level 2" freelancer ), but the last 5 
opinions are "Cancelled order.The freelancer didn't deliver on time" ?Me-probably not.Especially if I have 
something urgent to be done.Same when I see few comments in row something explaining the reason 
why the clients were disappointed.
In this case the initially good reputation of the freelancer doesn't really matter for me.Maybe it would if 
there was a reply from the freelancer with some reasonable comments.
Would you hire a freelancer for a project which would cost something around 500 $, but have no reviews 
and ratings at all?I wouldn't.
But I had purchased many times 5$ -10 $ Gigs from freelancers who have no reviews at all, because the 
"newbie" freelancer had offered a good explanation, have a better motivation (which is the most important) 
and sometimes had offered a better price, compared with the price of a gig offered by an "experienced" 
freelancer.And at the end-with most of the "new" (at that time) freelancers I still work from time to time and I'm very happy of the services they have provided and still provide for me.But I also have worked few times with some of the best promoted freelancers on Fiverr and I was disappointed, because I found later the provided Gigs or Services are not as good as they were expected or promoted.And I don't mean a project for a Logo, or a Motto.I mean gigs which you can only properly appraise in few weeks or few months time.So, for me the reputation of any freelancer is very important, but not essential.


Why not to rely on Freelancers reputation too much ?

In the very beginning when I started using Fiverr I purchased a gig from a Freelancer named Ozzieuk who claimed that will catapult my rankings with my high pr seo authority links.This gig was a complete disappointment from few points of view:

1.The freelancer's reputation was high enough to hire him,but later on I found this was a mistake;

2.Mine expectations about the effectiveness of this Gig were very high , since I relied on the opinions from others ,written in previously posted reviews;

3.The result was 0 despite of my high hopes;

 This example is valid still today, because the reputation of the above mentioned freelancer is still high, which probably means he still manages to do his business somehow.I guess the only reason for this is the claim that the expected results will come in few months time, when it's not possible to review your previously given feedback.


Providing a Feedback by using Customer Reviews

There are many gigs for content promotion, links building, high Page Rang, high Alexa Rank, the first position in Google, you name it...
Very long time ago I also failed number of times of  providing correct and useful feedback, by just writing that the Gig was 

Well, sometimes it was.As already mentioned before - you don't have to provide a feedback straight
after the delivery, when or if this is not applicable to the delivered gigs.Such "review" will be just misleading 
for the other customers or clients.At least by the time someone else finds it.To be fair- at that time I trusted the reviews given 
by other clients and all of them were also just "Excellent".So the final line is - if you provide any review and 
this is not valid for Fiverr only , try to make it not only fair but also useful for the others. Otherwise
your review will be good for nothing and only the cheaters or the "bad freelancers" will be the ones to a good advantage of such a review.Which automatically means that some other customers of the same freelancer will get into the trap...again..and again...


Take your time when publish your review.

I don't trust reviews and ratings which just state "Excellent" in most cases.They are not reliable 
enough for me.Probably because they were written just straight after the delivery, but many gigs can't be 
appraised immediately and many of them can't be appraised with just "Excellent".Such reviews are 
useless and wrong to me.I believe you would agree with me.




Tip 4: Provide a Fair Feedback by using Customer Reviews

There are good freelancers and bad freelancers.There are good customers and bad customers too.
By honestly rating your order you will not only provide a useful information for the other customers on 
Fiverr but will help to the services to get better in future.
Freelancers who can't deliver what has been agreed or fail repeatedly to deliver Gigs with a good quality 
would have less chances to stand the competition in Fiverr.
On the other hand-if you are happy with the services or the gigs that you have received-don't hold back 
and share it.Appreciate the work of the good freelancer as well-I always provide a tip when the delivered Gig is 
with some unexpected "Bonus" or delivered in shorter time and still above my expectations.If you find 
helpful-you can share some info about the gig in some of your social networks-this will help the freelancer to 
get more clients.


I trust reviews and ratings which have some more useful details as a feedback and also- a reply from the 
freelancer as well, just after the review given by the client.





Fiverr is a great place to find and order some nice gigs, but as it is on any other microjobs websites,
sometimes it can be quite tricky to find exactly what you look for and the right freelancer for a certain 
project.I haven't used Fiverr for the last few weeks, because I personally find AwsomeWeb is a way better 
for me as a freelancer, but I hope the above tips will help you in your decision, when choosing the best 
person do work with or the most suitable gig for your purposes, regardless if you work with 
Freelancer,Fiverr,GigBucks or other website, providing Microjobs services.

Feel free to share your opinion or advices in the comment section below if you agree or disagree with my 
points of view.Or just join my group or PM me here on Notcy.





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