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5 Amazing Advances in Technology in 2018

2018 is a little over half way done, and the amount of advancements in technology coming out is already staggering. If you take a look at how far we have come in the past 10 years, we are growing at an exponential rate to say the least. Technology is booming more than ever! From next generation computing graphics to vending machines that are changing the medical field, there is no telling what will happen towards the end of 2018, and even farther down the road for years to come. But for now, here are 5 amazing advances in technology that have developed so far in 2018!


Real-Time Ray Tracing

Nvidia has just recently revealed the next generation of computing graphics. Whether you are creating content for a movie, or developing a video game, creating natural light reflections off of made up surfaces - from scratch - is a daunting task. Well, thanks to Nvidia, real time ray tracing graphics are here. Lighting in graphics is the small detail that viewers need in order to believe something is actually real. It makes all the difference. This kind of graphics in movies and games will not only make the game more believable, but will make it much easier for developers and content creators to create real lighting. Ten years ago, it was believed that you would have to use many supercomputers to create real time ray tracing. Now, it can all be done on one graphics processing unit. The possibilities are endless!


In-Display Fingerprint Scanners

There is a constant smartphone race going on right underneath our noses. The goal is to create the first true all bezel-less design on a phone without sacrificing the fingerprint sensor or cameras on the front. The good news is that the company Vivo has created the first smartphone that has a fingerprint sensor underneath the screen that actually works! Being just as secure as any other fingerprint sensor, the Vivo phone is able to have more room for bezels without sacrificing design. The next goal will be to get the front facing cameras working underneath the screen to create a true bezel-less designed phone. Something tells me that 2019 will be the year for that.


Pharmacy Robotic Dispensing System

What if I told you that a vending machine was changing the pharmaceutical industry like never before? Gone are the days where pharmacists are stuck with loads of prescription sorting that takes hours out of their day. No more waiting in line with your busy work schedule. Introducing the Omnicell Pharmacy Robotic Dispensing System. This vending machine not only handles sorting, but can accurately and efficiently administer correct medicine to patients with ease. This allows your pharmacist to have more free time to help patients rather than being stuck sorting your medicine! Sometimes the simplest answers are the most genius.


OLED Flexible Screens

Organic Light Emitting Diodes, otherwise known as OLED, is a revolutionary tech creation that changes how we view images on a screen. With an OLED tv, each and every pixel is its own light. Traditional tv’s have a series of backlights. This means that you will not only save energy with an OLED tv, but the contrast ratio is unmatched due to the picture being true black. Usually, traditional tv’s portray some light behind an area of the screen that is meant to be black, but on OLED, the actual pixel is completely turned off. Being incredibly good looking is not the only reason why OLED is revolutionary, however. OLED technology has allowed for manufacturers to create bendable screens, or dual sided screens. This will transform how our tv’s and phones will be viewed in the future. LG has even created their own rollable tv! This is the future of displays and you can expect to see it adopted everywhere.


Smart Homes and AI

Now that it is affordable, smart home devices are only now becoming utilized in everyday homes and life. With the major advancements being done with Artificial intelligence and machine learning, smart homes are now more efficient than ever before. All with using your voice, you can turn your lights on and off, control your tv, stream videos directly to your tv, call friends, play music, and set reminders throughout the day to name a few. You can even ask questions that you would end up googling. “What's the weather like?” “How tall is Bill Murray?” “How long is my drive to work today?” These are all questions that will be answered by most of the assistants that you choose. Not to mention, setting them up and understanding them is easier than most people think. If you are questioning getting one, look at what phone you use and base it off of that. No matter, any one you choose will help your daily life immensely.




These tech advances are all from only the first half of 2018. By the time next year rolls around, we wouldn't be surprised if we lived in an episode of the Jetson’s. As long as you keep up with the trends, you will be able to regulate and maintain the small tasks in your life with smart tech at the tip of your fingers. Technology is unpredictable! Maybe that’s what makes it so enticing.


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