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5 Best Necessary Android Apps That Delete Junk Files Completely

Best Necessary Android Apps For Complete Removal of Junk Files 

Android has been making our life easier for good. Because of its open-source nature, we have been falling into the habit of downloading and adding numerous applications on our smartphone. Some may be useful, some for entertainment and some, just for the hack of it. When a lot of downloading happens on your phone, residual junk files become a regular occurrence.


Junk files Cleaners come to your rescue when your phone needs gentle clean up to boost its performance.

You must already know by now that there are hundreds of junk cleaner applications available on the Google Play Store.


But are they all reliable and accurate? Do all of them clean junk files effectively?



The answer is :  No, they are not and no, they don’t.


You need to be careful while deleting junk files because what may be junk to you, can be important data for others. Therefore, while it is good to automate tasks, but you also need to review the files often to be sure that your Android cleaner is reliable enough.

Speaking of reliability, here are 5 best junk cleaner apps for Android that can drastically improve the performance of your slow and lagging smartphone.



5 Best Junk Cleaner Apps for Android




1. ITL Phone Cleaner (Speed Booster and Antivirus)


Saving the best for the last, ITL Phone Cleaner is unquestionably one of the best looking phone cleaners for Android phones. It is loaded with an excellent user interface.

With this unique junk cleaner, you get a complete package of tools that include junk cleaner, one-tap phone booster, battery saver, duplicate photos cleaner, social media remover, antivirus, app manager, game booster, CPU cooler and more.

Of course, it lets you remove junk files, obsolete apps, residual files, empty folders, and system and application caches free up space on your Android device. The app takes minimal space which is another reason to be a good fit for your phone.

All these applications are useful for optimizing and junk cleaning tools. Moreover, since they are free, there is no harm in trying them all.




2. Clean Master (Space Cleaner and Antivirus)


When it comes to the best android phone cleaner apps, Clean Master is the first name that pops-up. Its reliability and accuracy is the reason behind its popularity. The application offers an easy-to-use user interface that looks very good.

Clean Master scans and detects every bit of junk that needs to be removed from your device. This junk cleaner app carries its activities in two modes – default cleaning mode and deep cleaning mode.

The default mode is always working on the background, taking care of residual files. It does not need any manual command. As Clean Master is done scanning in default mode, it will ask if you want to free up more space. If it’s a yes, deep cleaning mode is triggered. This mode in general targets large files and folders that haven’t been cleaned in a long time.

Clean Master has other features too. Free antivirus to scan, blocks and removes viruses from your phone, wi-fi security to detect fake WiFi and unauthorized connection, one tap boost to accelerate phone speed, battery saver to extend battery life and a game booster to speed loading time of games.




3. DU Speed Booster and Cleaner


Next in this list is the ultimate DU Speed Booster and Cleaner. Undoubtedly, the best in the category of Android cleaning apps, this application comes with a lot of useful tools other than its signature junk cleaner.

It is an app manager, app locker, network booster, and a security app, all blended into one. Going back to its junk cleaner, DU Speed Booster can get all the residual files, obsolete APKs, Ad Junk files, cached data and useless junk files cleaned without any effort.

There is also a DU Swipe feature that in general is a shortcut to your favorite apps. You can access them by swiping across the corner of the screen.




4. Avast Cleanup and Boost


If you are not looking for an all-in-one app, but just a junk cleaner, Avast Cleanup, and Boost is the ideal app for you. Try installing it on your device and see the difference. It deletes the junk files and gives a boost to your otherwise slow performing smartphone. Avast also offers a premium subscription where all junk files are cleaned regularly without the need to do it manually. Also, with the premium subscription, no ads are going to pop-up.




5. AVG Cleaner (Clean out junk and free up storage)


AVG Cleaner is another popular offering by AVG Mobile. Similar to other cleaners in this list, this one too helps you remove junk and cache files from your Android device to reclaim your storage space.

AVG Cleaner also optimizes your Android phone and extend its battery life. It detects background running processes and kills them to boost its speed. Furthermore, there are battery profiles that help you automate power related process. However, it requires in-app purchases after 30 days of trial.

AVG Cleaner also detects duplicate photos and gives you the option to delete them if and whenever you want to. You can set customization reminders in the app too that will remind you to conduct clean up after a specific period of time. The cleaner also suggests you uninstall apps that you rarely use or that has been consuming a lot of data.



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