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6 New High-Tech Car Features In 2018

Within the last century, the automobile industry has made jumps and leaps with its technological advancements. Today, innovators have grown to become more dedicated to developing the latest technology for the newest line of automobiles on the market. Here are six new high-tech car features introduced in 2018.


Electric Cars

The idea of electric cars isn’t new; however, the electric car isn’t exactly something you can call mainstream. That is, until now. Automotive manufacturers are diversifying the market by developing different kinds of electric cars. Over the years, the industry has become more conscientious of its environmental impact and this is just one of the many ways in which people are able to help reduce the harm imposed by fossil fuels. With more electric cars come fresh new car designs as well and with the absence of a combustion engine, designers can create new designs that were unimaginable before.


Automatic Emergency Braking

In a few years, automatic emergency braking will become the standard for most cars. It’s incredibly useful in that you won’t have to worry about potentially crashing into anybody who suddenly brakes anymore. Newer cars are fitted with sensors that can detect the distance between your vehicle, and the vehicles around you. If the space between your car and another car becomes too small, the car will then utilize the automatic braking system. It’s a great safety feature that will be put to great use in the future.


Lane Departure Detection

Have you ever had those moments where you momentarily take your attention away from your vehicle and wind up drifting out of your lane? With lane departure detection technology included in newer vehicles, this won’t be a problem. Utilizing the same sensors that help with the automatic emergency braking technology, your automobile will be able to sense when your car is leaving your lane and will be able to automatically steer the car back into position.


Semi-Autonomous Driving

There will come a day where all we have to do is step into a car, type in our desired location, and allow our cars to take us there without the stress that typically comes with driving (i.e., getting lost, drivers who don’t understand the purpose of a turn signal.) But until then, we will have to make do with this lovely piece of tech: semi-autonomous driving! You’ve probably seen advertisements for vehicles that utilize that kind of technology. Semi-autonomous vehicles have the ability to brake, accelerate or steer the car without having to be manually operated. Many newer vehicles today have these technologies implemented as a safety precaution to help decrease the risk of accidents.


Autonomous Vehicles

This is where we introduce the concept of the Toyota E-Palette. Recently introduced at CES 2018, this vehicle is essentially a vessel where you are able to program the job you want done. Whether you’re delivering a pizza, a package or performing a ridesharing service, you’ll be able to program it into the E-Palette and have it perform these programmed functions.


Dynamic Displays

Automotive engineers are looking to get rid of all the physical gauges and replace it with high-res displays. Though this tech isn’t new, it’s been improving over the years and more cars will have displays installed. In fact, some developers have been discussing the possibilities of incorporating augmented reality into these displays as well, as AR has experienced tremendous growth in the past few years. Such technology is already used to help design a particular vehicle during the modeling phase in order to digitally render a design. There is a high possibility that it can be used to assist drivers on the road.


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