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Applications of Future Robotics

What are going to be Applications of Future Robotics

The Future of robotics is a sort of anathema for some people who stress over that the robots will take over the human civilisation like I-Robot has portrayed. Nonetheless, it is a much debated and emotional topic with the latest development of robust computational machine and Artificial intelligence.

The emergence of Artificial intelligence has dramatically boosted the human race towards the robots. In coming days’ humans might become entirely dependent on Robots ranging from daily chores to industrial automation robots will certainly change our way of life. So let’s break it down how they will impact Human lives in the future:


• Assembly Robots
• Surgical Robots
• Automated Robot Cars
• Cobots
• Military Robots



Assembly Robots:

The robotics world has a vast potential in the Industrial world which mainly includes production and assembly robots. The leading industry that will be affected by these sort of robots is the construction industry. They will undoubtedly be forced to think outside the box for the future.


In future, almost every task in the construction industry will be automated by robots, and this will drive out the need for human labour (So if you are in employment you better get out fast). The work that takes months could be completed in days with this fantastic technology. It will not be uncommon to see century-old buildings transformed into a substantial residence over a week due to the astonishing work of these assembly robots. One could just break down your house and assemble it somewhere else like a portable house.

Surgical Robots:

Surgical robots are even used in some of the most prestigious hospitals for intricate and complicated procedures. In the future, this will become commonplace one the cost of robots marginalises in the industry. Just Imagine precision driven machines who do not make mistakes like a rational human being is capable will save countless lives.


Surgical robots will not only be used for operational purposes, but we might even have robot nurses and nannies to take care of our young ones. In this respect the applications of the robotics industry are endless.

Automated Robot Cars:


The Global Automotive Robotics industry has been statistically calculated to surpass 16 Billion USD, and that’s Billion with a ‘B’. Human enhancement and improvement in the technology has already started producing semi-Automated Robotic cars and to convert from there to full Self-reliant cars is not such a giant leap.
We can already imagine the impact of these near perfect machines will have in road car accidents which will be tremendously reduced. We can only say that in his regard stars are not the only limit.



Cobot is a new term that has come into existence with the coming of helper robots.Cobots are incredibly efficient and intelligent robots which perform the task of assistants in workplaces or shared workplace. These incredible machines are already upending the industrial robots by providing people with affordable options for helper robots.
These cobots are indeed creating new worlds of the market for the ordinary people from store assistants to warehouse and distribution centres they have indeed brought a change to the dynamics of our daily lives.
We can easily imagine with our expansive imagination that the world of robotics will the change our daily lives to the very core. From daily chores to industrial production to military applications they will be an integral part of our lives.




Military robots:

When you combine robots and potential for destruction, then that indeed is a recipe for the disaster kind like one seen in the Terminator apocalypse, but in the real world, the applications of robots in military endeavours are countless. Recently the MIT Robotics engineer developed an excellent quadrupled robot which is capable of actual human physical movements and running as fast as humans. This machine has learned to jump over hurdles autonomously as well.
This incredible humanoid bodied machine has tested over 90 per cent accuracy for clearing the hurdles. After this, it will not be long before we can put humanoid looking soldiers on the field which will reduce the casualties of war with no less destructive power. Unmanned Drones are already an application of robots in this industry, and they show the destructive forces the machines are capable of if left to their own devices.

So better safe than sorry.


At the End:

The VR Laptops of the worlds most profound brands are also making fantastic headway in robotics by combining Virtual Reality and Robots to perform precision level simulations for learning purposes. We can definitely conclude that in future this great technology will quickly be available from our own laptops sitting on comfy sofas.








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