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Are The Online Reviews Really Important?

It is not well known fact that over 80 % of consumers trust the online reviews as much as personal recommendations.This simply means that every eight out of ten customers would take into account your online reputation, based on information published on different online platforms for business reviews and ratings.

As per last survey carried out by BrightLocal  the businesses that consumers are interested in reading reviews for include Restaurants and Cafes,Hotels,B&B (Bed & Breakfasts),Medical Care or Healthcare, Groceries, Clothing Stores and Automotive Services.How crucial are the online reviews from customers' perspective is shown on the Infographic below.One of the most important data is the fact that most of the potential clients would read less than ten reviews,before they form their opinion about a company or business.Between one third and half of the potential customers form their opinion based on reading between 1 and 3 reviews only.





The fact that only about one of every ten consumers consider to choose a business with bad or very low rating is more than clear.Certainly the up-to-date reviews are more important for the business reputation,because a "fresh" information is considered more reliable information.

Not surprisingly the online reviews become more and more important in our lifes and this is a result of many factors.The big brands on the market have realised a long time ago the importance of the feedback,the ratings and the reviews, so many of them like TripAdvisor,eBay or Amazon have developed their own systems for online reviews which help the consumers to easily find the best places,services or products.Of course the source of the information and how trustable this source is are even more important.Fake reviews have similar effect as the fake news stories.The fake reviews are bad and discourage people from buying things plus have a negative effect over the brands name.Now check the below interesting Infographic from DigitalSquad which also says a lot about the importance of the customers reviews:



As most of the people I also read online reviews before I purchase or book anything.

How about you -are the online reviews important for you to take a decision?


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