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8 Beautiful and Trending Ideas for Indian Wedding Invitations for 2019

There is no doubt that matches are made in heaven. But who said you can’t make the announcements of it with appealing Indian wedding cards adorned with heavenly designs? Well, for this beautiful beginning, you surely can make some noise with divine wedding invitation cards. Well if your D-day is also scheduled, then it is the time to dive deep into the internet and explore all the best designs and ideas to make this all happen. Your wedding invitation is meant to create the very first impression of your “D-day,” so why settle for something mediocre or any old designs.


 You probably have chosen the best outfit as per the trends or are going with something classic that can outshine all patterns. But your menu, your pre-wedding photo shoot, everything is highly influenced by the trends you see on social media platforms, in bridal magazines, etc. So have already had everything decides as per the hot trends of 2019? With the change in the year, the trends also change and here for this post, let us share some trending ideas for wedding invitations. These 8 trends are shortlisted by the team of experts, and you can expect to see their popularity in the year. So, here it goes:


1. Digital Wedding Invitations are invincible for 2019

There is no doubt that digitalization is invading the whole space. Knowingly or unknowingly it has become one indispensable part of our lives. When it has become so inevitable, then how can the wedding invitations resist its charms?

With so many astounding features, these can be ordered online and sent to all the guest via the same medium. They are easy to track, and you can quickly get the RSVP of guests as well. You can hire the professional designer of digital Indian wedding invitations. A wedding website is another popular wedding cards trend for 2019.


2.Watercolors continue to rule 2019 as well

Looking for something very surreal and gorgeous, something that seems so minimalistic yet thoughtfully extravagant, then this is one ideal option for your Indian wedding cards. Wedding cards designed with free strokes of vivid watercolors is one right way to add the splash love for each other in your invites. This has been one of the most popular trends of 2018 as well, and it continues to become more and more popular for this year as well. With its vivacious appeal, it remains to be favorite of many designers of Indian wedding cards.


3. One of the trending picks is surely ACRYLIC

What could be a beautiful, bold, and better way to announce your Wedding date other than the Acrylic wedding cards. They surely are one great way to wow your guests and make them totally anticipate for your D-day. If you are looking for something that is sophisticated and bold at the same time and something that creates an impression of “FOREVER,” then it is one ideal choice. It is listed in many articles sharing the 2019 Indian wedding invitation trends.


4. Add the flair of maps to showcase your long distance relationship

If your love story blossomed in a long distance relationship, then this idea is the perfect portrayal of your love. As what could be a better connotation of love overcoming the constraint of distance and finally commencing a new phase together other than maps? Also, this is one ideal option for a couple planning to have a destination wedding. The fever of destination wedding is still high, and it is expected to rise a level above in 2019 as well. So for your wedding in 2019, you can make a choice with the mapped Indian wedding cards.


5. Old school charm of calligraphy

There are no typographic fonts that can outshine the classic calligraphy. And for this year it is one of the most preferred choices by many couples. This is also one of the best-suited options to add a more personal touch to your wedding invitations. Beautiful calligraphy engraved on card material looks totally mesmerizing


6. Go with classic notion of “Less is more.”

One of the best things you can choose is to be very minimalistic with features for your Indian wedding cards. The simple cards with very less yet appealing features look more elegant. Nowadays people also prefer to go with straightforward and sophisticated designs to switching over something shimmery and loud. You can easily order these kinds of Indian wedding cards sample online. You can keep the crisp of the Indian wedding the serenity of love intertwined together in simple Indian wedding invitations. Believe us, they look as appealing and entirely drive every eye.


7. Laser cuts are trending for this season

Some things are classic and never go out of trends. Laser cuts are one such thing and are popular since the very inception. They are quite popular in traditional Indian wedding cards. Now the charms have ascended due to upgrades in technology. It can be used for simple designs and for intricate designs as well. These are the perfect options to design your own Indian wedding cards.


8. Bring the flairs of movies and TV Series

There is no harm in announcing your D-date with the charms of your favorite movies, shows or series. If you too are a movie buff and your story is no different than any classic love story, you can have their charms imbibed in your wedding invitations as well. For instance, it can be the theme or by doodles or by using their caricatures to portray your story. There are so many options when it comes to this idea, and the good thing is every time it comes out to be entirely new and enchanting.


These are some of the ideas that have made their places in the list of wedding invitation trends for 2019. You can use them for designing your wedding cards as well. Tell us which one is your favorite pick of the list. Also for creating the Indian wedding cards, you can hire our professional designers of Indian wedding cards.





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