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Best meal plans for the first trimester of the pregnancy

Pregnancy is known to be the most different and unique time in one’s life. Pregnancy is also considered to be the most ‘’sensitive’’ period in a person’s life. This is because, during this time, numerous changes occur in a woman’s body and these changes ask for a lot of care. Some changes must take place in the daily routine of a woman. However, these changes are not just in exercise routines and sleep schedules, but also in the meals.

When it comes to the meals, there are things which you might crave for a lot, and on the other hand, there might be things which you might have loved before your pregnancy but not after you start your gestation period. Hence, knowing what is healthy for the body and the baby holds great importance.

Things like smoking and alcohol intake must be restrained during this period. This is because these might not only cause harm to the body but also cause numerous defects in the fetus. Therefore, during this sensitive period of your life, you must take extra care. Ask the doctor what things must be avoided because they know what is healthy for the baby and what is not.



Being careless at this time might cost you a lot. And one single mistake that you might make without noticing can end up in regret. Therefore, follow whatever the doctor has advised indeed very strictly.

Pregnancy is divided into three trimesters. Each trimester is known to last for about fourteen weeks. The gestation period has been divided into trimester because each trimester is classified by their own physiological as well as the hormonal variations. So it makes it easier.

Given below are 12 meal plans which are suitable for the first trimester and will help in the providing the proper nutrients for the full growth of the baby.



1- Beans and legumes.
Beans and legumes are considered really very healthy for the mother and the baby both. They will make the mother feel full in a very healthy way and will help avoid gaining all the unneeded excessive weight.

2- Dairy products.
Dairy products have always been famous for being super beneficial. And yes, they are highly helpful during pregnancy as well. These tend to provide a person with calcium which strengthens the bones; moreover, they contain vitamin D and different proteins as well which are very essential for the baby’s development. The dairy products such as cheese, milk etcetera also help in avoiding joint pains which might occur in the bodies of pregnant women.

3- Whole Grains.
Whole grains are highly recommended to a woman when she is in the gestation period. It is said that a person must eat five to six servings of whole grains each day when she is passing through pregnancy. Whole grains are rich on fibre. Also, these whole grains help avoid the excessive weight gain. So there’s only the healthy baby fat.

4- Oranges.
A woman needs a fixed amount of folic acid each day. This is because folic acid is essential during pregnancy. Folic acid helps to avoid and prevent the diseases and defects also the complications which might occur during the delivery of the baby. The baby delivery is made safer through the folic acid intake. Oranges which are the citrusy fruits are rich in folic acid. They also contain vitamin C in a very rich quantity which is very necessary and the deficiency of which, can cause different illnesses and diseases.

5- Protein-rich foods.
In pregnancy, one needs protein in a very high content. Protein is mainly required for numerous functions in the body. The protein-rich foods such as chickens and eggs must be consumed in high quantities. Moreover, the doctors advise all the protein-rich foods to women. Proteins also account for making the hair follicles of the baby.

6- Salmon.
If you get the salmon cravings during the first trimester, then you can for sure eat it because it is beneficial during the gestation period. Salmon is packed with omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3 fatty acids are needed for the brain and also the eyes of the baby or fetus. Also, it is necessary for immunity. However, one might not get sufficient omega-3 in other foods apart from salmon or seafood.

7- Leafy green vegetables.
Oh yes, and how can one forget the benefits that leafy green vegetables such as broccoli accompany. Vitamin A, K and C all are present in the leafy greens. They also contain calcium, fibre and yes folate. The most significant benefit of the leafy green vegetables is that they act as anti-oxidants in detoxifying the harmful things out of the body. They also help avoid constipation.

8- Berries.
Berries make up a vast and yummy appetite during pregnancy. All the healthy carbs, vitamin C and fibre, are present in berries. For iron absorption in the blood, vitamin C is needed. Berries also contain a high water content.

9- Dried fruits and nuts.
Fresh fruits and dried fruits contain the same nutrients however as can be expected, dried fruits are low in water content. Dried fruits make up a very yummy snack which is packed with calories, vitamin K and also contain sorbitol. To avoid the high sugar content, be sure to avoid the sugar coated dried fruits.

10- Soups.
Water is very essential in daily, healthy life. And it becomes double necessary during the gestation period. Soups are, therefore, very important because they contain a high water content. For the proper development of the brain, and for brain growth, soups are very essential.

11- Avocadoes.
The importance and benefits that one gets by consuming avocados are not negligible. So, as might expected, avocados make up excellent food during pregnancy as well. Avocadoes are rich in vitamins such as K, B and etc. the deficiency of which, can cause numerous harmful diseases. Avocadoes help in building the skin of the baby. The brain tissues are also formed through avocados.

12- Eggs.
Eggs are known to be the home for proteins. They have high contents of fats and contain around 75 calories. Eggs are also rich sources of choline. For the proper growth of the baby and for the appropriate health of the baby, eggs are needed.



Pregnancy due date calculator helps predict the due date for a woman. It is very essential to remember the date which is close to delivery. The calculator enables you to do that. It also helps you calculate the expected delivery date. The primary interface of the calculator is given below.



As can be seen, the calculator asks you your last period date and then helps you predict your trimesters and estimated conception date as well.


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