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Blockchain: How will new technology impact the mobile app development?

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Blockchain has emerged as a trending technology for all the industries and mobile industry is no exception. Taking it further, blockchain technology has given a momentum to digital cryptocurrency, smart contracts, and digital currency.


Blockchain was first introduced to design bitcoin cryptocurrency in 2008. By creating a distributed network of ledgers to work for all transactions, contracts and account publics, blockchain became an essential and right solution. Due to the following unique behavior of blockchain, most of the industries such as healthcare, education, real estate, banking, and media are adopting this technology to streamline their processes.


Blockchain is a decentralized system where data is distributed and stored in various locations to provide better security. In order to hack the system, you need to process through each block because each block includes the cryptographic hash of the prior block in the blockchain.


- The system ensures transparency in transactions and contracts. Since blockchain is a digital ledger, no transaction between any parties is hidden to any member of the network.


- Due to its advanced features, blockchain is already used by many websites and mobile applications.


- IoT (Internet of Things) is an obvious platform to use blockchain, to develop applications.


When it comes to mobile app development, blockchain has contributed a lot and has made it possible to create apps that are free from fraud, data leaks, security threats and in-app purchases. However, this technology is in its initial stage and has a long way to go to revolutionize the mobile app development process.


How mobile apps can benefit from blockchain technology:


- Highest Level of Security

Blockchain uses a series of interconnected “blocks” where each block includes transaction data and a timestamp for the prior block. The data is encoded as a cryptographic hash. If you want to alter the target block, then you will have to alter all the subsequent blocks. The total number of blocks can be in millions or even billions. This reduces the risk of fraudulent activities.


- Reliable and Tamper-Proof

The blockchain technology is redundant and dramatically boosts reliability due to a high level of Byzantine fault tolerance in it. Interlinked, decentralized, secure ledger, and distributed nature of blockchain’s hardware enhance reliability. Any app that stores a large volume of data can potentially benefit.


- Relatively Simple

Comparing with other platforms, this technology is relatively simple to develop, integrate, maintain and utilize in your mobile app platform. It is cost-saving to develop an app using blockchain.


- Ever-changing Development Technology

Blockchain technology is an ever-changing state as major innovations are taking place. A lot of hidden potential of the technology is yet to be introduced which will change the future of currency and technology.


The Inference

The blockchain technology may prove to be a boon if used for mobile app development. It has potential to improve business processes and create advanced peer-to-peer payment platforms which make your applications more secure from the customer point of view. It is a far better technology to protect against cyber attacks because of its distributed architecture.

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