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Difference between Dubai Desert Safari and Abu Dhabi Desert Safari

Anyone planning a holiday in the UAE cities of Dubai and Abu Dhabi would know about desert safari and how you cannot do without it, if you want to have the ultimate UAE experience. However, it is easy to get confused about whether the desert safari better in Dubai or Abu Dhabi. At a glance, both may seem the same. The same adventure sports, the same entertainment options and the same menu! However, subtle differences do exist. Knowing about these would make it easy for you to decide the best one for you.

Desert Safari Dubai vs. Abu Dhabi

If you want to know the difference between Dubai and Abu Dhabi desert safari, here are some points that would help in choosing one for your holiday.

Cost of Dubai Desert Safari or Abu Dhabi

Cost seems to be one of the main differences when it comes to desert safari. Abu Dhabi desert safari is said to be costlier than Dubai desert safari. Still, you would find luxury desert safaris in Dubai that match the price with that of Abu Dhabi. The difference here is that it is easy to find budget desert safari experiences in Dubai than in Abu Dhabi. So, while Abu Dhabi offers great desert safaris at high prices, not everyone would be able to afford it. If you are a budget traveller, you would be able to have a good desert safari experience in Dubai, without breaking your budget.

Morning Desert Safari

Most of the desert safaris happen in the evening. It is during the evening desert safari that you would be able to enjoy all the adventure sports and entertainment activities. However, if you are not interested in all the touristy activities but want to enjoy the desert for its sheer beauty, the morning desert safari is perfect for you. While you would find morning desert safari in Dubai and Abu Dhabi as well, you should know that desert safari companies in Abu Dhabi require a minimum number of people to conduct the tour. Also, they are likely to charge you extra if minimum number of people does not book the morning desert safari tour. However, this is not the case in Dubai and hence is a better option when it comes to morning desert safari. Also, the morning desert safari in Dubai offers the chance of seeing a brilliant sunrise and to enjoy a laidback camel ride and even a hot air balloon ride (if you choose this option).

Dune Bashing

If you look at Abu Dhabi and Dubai desert safari reviews, most travellers point at the former for dune bashing experience. The desert dunes of Abu Dhabi are said to be some of the tallest in the world and so the experience of dune bashing is highly exhilarating here. However, this does not mean that dune bashing in Dubai is not exciting. If you are a first timer and do not know whether you would enjoy dune bashing, it is best to go for Dubai desert safari. It lasts for around 15-20 minutes in Dubai and would give you an idea as to whether you like it or not. Same kinds of luxury 4x4 vehicles are used for dune bashing in both the cities.

Tips for Desert Safari

Whichever desert safari you choose, here are some tips that you should keep in mind if you want to have a fun and enjoyable experience in the desert.

  • The best time to enjoy the desert safari is between the months of November and May when the weather is cooler.
  • Always carry your sunglasses and sunscreen as the sun can be really harsh during the day time.
  • It is necessary to carry a jacket or stole as the temperature drops down as night approaches. This is very important if you are going for evening or overnight desert safari.
  • Wear comfortable loose, comfortable clothes and footwear. When it comes to footwear, it is best to go for light flip-flops or open shoes. They are manageable and you do not have to worry about sand getting inside your shoes.
  • You may be apprehensive about dune bashing rides. But even though you may have to hold on to your seats, do not worry too much as you are in good hands. All dune bashing drivers in the UAE are trained, skilled and licensed and are experts in manoeuvring 4x4 vehicles in all kinds of sand dunes.
  • Always listen to the instructions carefully before trying any adventure sports at the desert. You would not face any issues if you follow the instructions provided.

Although there are no major differences between Dubai and Abu Dhabi desert safari, you should choose as per your interests and requirements. Also, distance and convenience play an important role when making the decision. Always go for a desert safari tour company that offers transportation to and from your hotel or residence. This would make your desert safari experience relaxed and stress-free.




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