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DIY Dog House Under Your Stairs

Everyone deserves designated space at home to call their own. Whether that be a man cave, walk-in closets, or a playroom for the kids — your furry family member should have someplace to call their own too. Maybe your dog already has an old crate or bed they love, but the space you need to upgrade them to a sanctuary is just under the stairs. Why not turn that perfect nook into an indoor dog house?


Projects like this can take a lot of time and planning to get the job done right. It may even require a professional if handiwork isn’t your strong suit. Fortunately, with this guide, most of your planning is done but be sure to consult with someone before starting demolition.

What You’ll Need

Start with some inspiration on how you’d like to design your dog’s paradise. A little help from Pinterest is always recommended. The trickiest part of the project will be creating an opening for your pup to access his or her new favorite spot.The door is fairly simple to create, but again, if you feel unsure about this step, it may be best to consult with a professional.


If you do decide to build the entrance yourself, be sure you have these materials on hand.

● Pencil
● Drill
● Drywall Saw
● Dremel tool
● Drywall or Paneling
● Flooring of some sort
● Door of some sort


Before doing any actual cutting or drilling, you’ll want to shop for a door. Designing a larger opening will allow your dog to feel included with the rest of the house while having his or her own space. But do keep in mind, the fewer studs you have to remove, the easier the project will be. After you’ve determined how tall the door will be, measure accordingly and use a pencil to mark along where you’ll cut.


You can always ballpark the size, but if you want a more accurate and reliable measurement, here is a good rule of thumb: the width of the dog door should be around five inches wider than the widest part of your pet, and the height of the dog door should be around five inches taller than the length from the top of the shoulders to the chest.


Use the drywall saw to cut along these lines, and the Dremel tool to cut the trim. Next, if there are any studs, remove the exposed 2 x 4. From here, you’ll need to clean out any debrisunder the stairs. Then you are finally ready to install the flooring of the dog house. Keep it simple and cut laminate or continue the tiling or wood floors used on the rest of the house.


After the floor is in place, drywall the inside of the dog house and attach wood that matches the thickness of your walls to the door frames. Finally, you’ll paint them, attach them to your dog gate, and Voila! When you finish, make you sure to properly dispose of any excess drywall, lumbar, and even your old dog house.

What to Put Inside

For starters, this will be a great place to put the dog bed. Not only will your pup have complete privacy, but it will clear up some space elsewhere in the house. Everything in the dog house should be easily accessible to avoid bumping your head whenyou need something in there, or for when your pet needs you!


Food and water should have a designated spot in here too. This is going to be your dog’s new favorite place to hang out, so it is important their food and water are easily accessible. For those who live in hot or dry climates, water accessibility is especially important. A connected two-bowl setup makes refilling easier.


Now, it is time for the fun stuff. Collect all the toys you already have for your pooch and bring them to his new space. You may even want to pick up a new toy for the final unveiling. Another fun idea is to add photos along the inside like you would a bedroom.

Well, there you have it. Your dog’s new favorite retreat. It might seem like a lot of work at first, but there are many benefits that go along with this project, and not only for your furry friend! The tattered dog bed will no longer be an eyesore and best of all — your dog will love this new spot and, in turn, may even give you extra cuddles. Hopefully this helped you get a better idea of what you will need for the project as well as inspired you to create a dog den for your own sweet pup. Just remember to keep it pet-friendly and to have fun creating your dog housemasterpiece.


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