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Dubai Visit & Tourist Visa New Rules 2018

To get a tourist visiting Dubai or any part of U.A.E. must know the new visit visa rules in UAE 2018. Dubai constantly grows and it has become one of the top-most visited places in the world, making it a hub for tourism. According to a latest case study, it was reported that around 5 million visited Dubai in 2017. The people of Dubai want more people to come. Hence, there have been some changes to visa rules. So, if you are planning to visit Dubai, here are the new visit visa rules in UAE 2018, which the Dubai government has implemented.

  • 30 Days Visa on Arrival – A person can apply for this prior to their arrival in Dubai. Validity of this visa is 30 days, and you also have the option to extend for an additional 10 days, based on certain situations.
  • Service Visa – Service visa is a type of visa valid for 14 days. This visa is granted on arrival for certain country individuals coming to U.A.E. However, please note that this visa cannot be renewed and cannot be extended either.
  • Short Term Visit Visa – This visa is for those who prefer spending their vacation here, or visiting their relatives in Dubai. It is valid for 30 days on arrival but cannot be extended.
  • Long Term Visit Visa – According to new Dubai visa rules 2018, this visa has a validity period of 90 days on arrival.
  • Tourist Visa – Tourists looking to enjoy their vacation in Dubai or in UAE can apply for this visa. According to the new Dubai visa rules 2018, the validity of new tourist visa Dubai 90 days is perfect for families looking to spend their vacation in Dubai or in other parts of U.A.E.
  • Transit Visa – Transit visa is for those passengers who travel to other countries via Dubai. Valid for 96 hours on arrival.

Indian passport holders can also get visa on arrival from 2018. However, these are some of the basic requirements for new visa rules in UAE 2018 for Indian passport holder.

  1. The citizen must have a residence United Kingdom passport, or from other European countries, which must be valid for more than 6 months.
  2. On arrival, entry permission fees to be paid are Dh100, and service charges are Dh20.


New Visa rules for Spouses of Indian Nationals – Spouses of Indian origin citizens living in U.A.E. can get their partners’ tourist visa in to a dependent visa easily. According to new visa rules in UAE 2018 for Indian, the Indian origin citizen needs to married their partner. Marriages outside U.A.E are also considered. 


Few Important Rules to Remember –


  1. The nationality of the citizen and their duration of stay will have an effect while applying a visa for Dubai.
  2. Citizens residing in other regions must have a valid passport of more than 6 months.
  3. Chances of getting a Dubai visa online  rejected will be high if the submitted documents and paperwork have discrepancies.
  4. Sponsorship can help. Travellers can get sponsorship by a company or a relative living in Dubai to get a visa.


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