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Eating Healthy on a Budget while Traveling with Kids

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Whether for business or pleasure, travel can take a toll on you and your kids health. Between the stress of packing, airports, and transit, lack of sleep, and inaccessibility to healthy food on the go, you may find yourself feeling worse at the end of a trip than before it even began. Did you know that maintaining a balanced diet while traveling has the power to affect your energy, stress response, and mood? That goes double for the little ones! Here are 3 keys ways that you can ensure you and your family eat properly even when options are limited!



Pack Snacks

Airport shops and gas stations are not known for having the most nutrient-dense grab-and-go options, so hit the road prepared with your own supply of snacks. Nuts, raw veggies, fresh or dried fruit, hummus, yogurt, and protein bars will give you the energy you and your kids need to get through a long flight or car ride. Avoid sugary snacks or those high in simple carbs as they typically result in a hard crash that’ll leave them feeling hungry, deflated, and grumpy, not to mention the energy spikes!



Eat Frequent, Small Meals

Less is more while traveling. Avoid the temptation to stick to the normal 3-meals-a-day routine and, instead, have them take small bites more often. Devouring a large meal communicates to their brains that they are storing up for a long period without food, meaning your body and theirs will turn the food you consume into fat. Consuming snacks steadily throughout the day tells your brain that food is plentiful and your body will convert the food into energy, giving you the boost you need while on the road.



Drink Plenty of Water

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Not only does water flush your body of toxins, it also works as an appetite suppressant. If you find yourself or the youngsters struggling with unhealthy cravings, drinking a glass of water will help curb the appetite. In addition, water improves your skin, helps with jet lag, and prevents overexposure to heat and the sun. The moral of the story is: If you don’t already have a large water bottle on hand for traveling, it’s time to go shopping.



Healthy Eats in the Top U.S. Travel Destinations

About to hit the road? Look no further than this list of restaurants in the country’s biggest travel hubs. Whether you’re a meat lover, paleo aficionado, or strict vegetarian, you don’t need to sacrifice the family diet in order to eat quickly and conveniently. We’ve compiled our top kid-friendly picks in New York, Atlanta, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Denver.


New York

Meat Lover: Two Forks. With grass-fed beef and ABF chicken and pork, the build-your-own bowls are perfect for takeout and come in under $15.

Paleo: Springbone. Two words: Bone Broth. This paleo restaurant is known for its chicken and beef broth. Grab a small serving for $6-$7 or go with the large for under $11 so you can sip throughout the day.

Vegetarian: Superiority Burger. This burger joint is both affordable and delicious. All menu items are vegetarian but can be made vegan, so don’t be afraid to ask!




Meat Lover: Aviva. Keep it healthy with the Mediterranean platter from Aviva. While they are known for their chicken and lamb shawarma, be sure to stock up on grilled veggies and freekeh to maintain your energy.

Paleo: Farm Burger. These lettuce-wrapped, grass-fed beef burger patties are what paleo dreams are made of. Customize the toppings to suit your diet and individual taste.

Vegetarian: True Food Kitchen. Perfect for vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free diets. Call ahead to place your take-out order if there’s no time to dine-in!




Meat Lover: Protein Bar & Kitchen. The name says it all: PROTEIN! From breakfast burritos to meaty salads, this place is sure to satisfy. Order ahead through their website to save some time.

Paleo: Roti Mediterranean Grill. Grab a platter of meat and veggies that is both paleo and gluten-free. With several locations to choose from, you’ll never be too far for convenience.

Vegetarian: Vegan Plate. The taste of traditional Thai food but without the animal by-products. Choose one of two locations and order online.



Los Angeles

Meat Lover: Sushi Stop. Take advantage of being on the coast by ordering some fresh seafood. This spot is reasonably priced and great for take-out.

Paleo: Gjelina Takeaway. A more affordable option to the original Gjelina and full of protein and veggie heavy dishes designed to be taken on the road.

Vegetarian: Orean’s Health Express. Meat-free breakfast burritos, omelets, and veggie burgers ideal for anyone traveling through the city’s east side.




Meat Lover: Spicy Chili & Pho Asian Grill: If you have the time to dine-in, the rare steak and beef brisket noodle soup is healthy and stocked with protein. If not, opt for the chicken skewers or chicken lettuce wraps for takeaway.

Paleo: mmm… coffee!. Every single thing on this menu is paleo so this is the perfect spot to grab a bite and stock up on snacks for the rest of your journey!

Vegetarian: My Salad Chop. As fast as a pass through the drive-through and way healthier. Order online to speed things up and choose between their specialty salads or building your own.




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