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Educational Guide for Public Speaking Icebreakers

Perhaps, every student once or twice in his life gets an opportunity to speak before the audience. You can make a presentation for small groups of people, like in the classes, or crowds of people, somewhere in the conference. In any way, the green speaker is naturally nervous and thinks about how to make his chance successful and not to screw everything up. If you are among such guys, then check out some tips how to make your public speaking perfect. What are the main secrets of the icebreaker, probably you asking yourself while preparing the speech?


Write your speech in simple language using light humor, incredible facts, and stories, so it will be interesting for the audience to listen to you and people didn’t want to run away or fall asleep after 5 minutes you started. It is very important to win the audience from the first minutes of your speech. In this case, there is a chance they will be with you towards the end of the presentation and visit next your event.


First, and the most important thing, is to know the material you are going to speak about. It is easy if you chose the topic which is familiar to you and you are really interested in it - it is the half of success. It is much better if your audience is also sharing your opinion on it. It guarantees you will succeed. Concentrate on the matter you chose for your presentation. Try to make some anonymous research among students before you write your speech. What are they waiting for this event, what new knowledge and, perhaps, skills they expect to get on the topic after your presentation? Plan the speech according to the results you get.


Imagine you are in the room as a member and visiting your own event. Do you like everything goes in the room or would you like something to change? Think how it will go beforehand.

Another important public speaking tip is practice. Rehearse every line you are going to tell. Visualize how you are doing this – your loud and clear voice, self-confidence. Imagine you are already on the stage and people are watching you. What are you doing at this moment, what do you feel? Imagine the audience is clapping – it helps to trust in your success and relax. Feeling calm means not to screw.


Better if you could practice your presentation in the place where the event will go. Arrive early and revise everything several times. Don’t forget about your mood – give a smile to your listeners during the speech and crash them with positive emotions. Good mood is the good icebreaker. Let them be pleased with you. Make pauses while speaking, so that everyone could grasp and comprehend what you are speaking about. Try your presentation with a timer, so you could understand the time you need to complete your speech and have a chance to fix it if something goes not the way you expected.


Throw them a question and make them discuss it. Let your audience also ask questions on the topic to you. Questions from the hall are a good public speaking tip. This means that speaking theme you choose for your report left nobody indifferent and people are ready to take part in the discussion. Let them know more on the matter while answering their questions. Debate them.

Engage the audience the whole time of your speech. It is the hardest but not for us because we use some proven public speaking tips to make your presentation the best ever. Here are the most popular icebreakers that really work.


Let somebody introduce you. As the result, you won’t be the pioneer of the stage, the person who introduces you should think about the icebreakers to warm up the audience. It is always hard to be the first. When it will be your turn to go to the stage, the people will be ready to meet you. Most likely they will be friendly to you and wait for your appearance with interest and impatience.


Start your speech with the short story without completing it. Just say you will come back towards it later, so the audience will be waiting to find out what was the conclusion. This situation gets people to fantasize about the story and make them engaged. That’s all we need, aren’t we?


Make people laugh, make them pleased with you. Write your speech carefully like you are going to speak to people you know for years. Don’t crack a joke at the expense of somebody. It is impolitely and could ruin the mood of your listeners and impression about you, as a spokesman. Better make a joke at your expense, let people just laugh along with that.


Use raise-your-hand questions when you write your speech. It is an excellent tool to engage the audience and make even that guy from the distant row to get into your talk. Imagine the odd situation, somebody came for your event and distracted for several minutes or even more. At this very moment, the whole room raises and that guy don’t understand what is going on here. He also gets up, because everyone did so. There is no way out for him at this time but pay his attention to your speech. So, you get more people from the audience who listen to you. Don’t ask negative questions, only those the majority of people respond positively and are ready to raise their hand. “Raise your hand if want to know how to become a millionaire” – is a good example what we mean. Most famous public speakers use these easy tips to make their presentation successful.


Make them play a public speaking simple game or complete some easy task. If the audience is not numerous, it is a great opportunity to break the ice through cooperation. Tasks should be very simple and clear to everyone, provoke only positive feelings. Use them with your listeners and make them join the activity and forget about fears they had before coming to your presentation. Tasks may be various. Among popular and effective are


  • To ask each person in the room to introduce him in one phrase

  • To say to the person sitting next to them: “Hi, my name is …, I’m glad you are here ”

  • To give a handshake to the neighbor

  • If you were an animal which animal you feel to appear


Write your speech using quotes. If you open your presentation with a quote of some world known person, it could set the tone for the whole event. It could be any famous person who lived his life with dignity and made something special to the world – writer, politician, your teacher, M.D., philosopher, Nobel prize winner, etc. Maybe it is not the best icebreaker among others, but it could make your presentation very specific and show you know well the matter you are talking about.


Now you know all public speaking icebreakers which work with any presentation and ready to make your audience engaged towards the end of the event. Use this secret skill any time you write your speech.



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