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From Brisbane to Melbourne: My Australian Road Trip

Road trips: the perfect getaway for anybody looking for an adventure, but doesn’t necessarily want to experience the kind of adventure that involves waiting in airports, trying to sleep in cramped airplanes for infuriatingly long hours, and living in and out of a hotel. With road trips, it’s just you, your travel companion, your car, and the open road. Between your point of departure and your destination, you will be experiencing the joys of carpool karaoke, stops at old, run down gas stations, and the inevitable detour through a town that not even your GPS can pick up. Nevertheless, road trips can be one of the most exciting, most spontaneous trips you will ever get to go on.


Now, picture this: a road trip in the land down under. That’s what my summer looked like.



At first glance, a drive through the land of vegemite, kangaroos, and an outback that is not a steakhouse sounds intimidating. After all, Australia is a massive country and is a lot bigger than most people would actually think. The Australian continent is a staggering 2.97 million square-miles, approximately the same size as the continental United States. It takes a comfortable vehicle for this trek.


This past summer, I had the opportunity of going on the ultimate road trip in Australia. From Brisbane, the urban capital of Queensland, to Melbourne, the capital of Victoria, there were plenty of awesome cities to explore, amazing restaurants to try out, and interesting people to meet, and I was excited to do it all.


However, before the road trip began, there were quite a few housekeeping items that needed to be attended to. Some of these items are common sense, and a lot are things that people don’t really think about that surprised me when I was preparing to leave.



Before you embark on any kind of road trip, you should always make sure your car is in excellent condition. This requires an engine oil check, inflating your tires to the proper PSI pressures, and downloading all your trip maps to your phone.  Cell coverage isn’t always guaranteed in tiny towns that are almost off the grid, and there is a possibility that you could exceed your data limit (as someone who couldn’t get a signal in the car for a few hours and therefore had no access to Spotify or Apple Music, I’m seriously stressing this point. Download everything you need.)


Remember that you should always have a hard copy in addition to a digital copy so that if your tech begins to fail you, you’ll always have the option of navigating the old-fashioned way.


Some common items that you should definitely store in your vehicle include jumper cables, a first aid kit, road trip games, and some music for the road (again: if you are using a streaming service for your music, make sure you download your music library beforehand in the event that you are disconnected from your data. It’ll be a long trip otherwise)



Here are a few other tips for you before you depart on your epic road trip in the land down under.

  • Clean your car before you go. This seems obvious, but some people enjoy taking shortcuts and ignoring the smaller maintenance items such as vacuuming under your seats and cleaning the gum wrappers from your cup holders. Remember that as you get farther into your trip, your pile of junk will accumulate, so try to clean out car every few days during the trip as well.
  • Unless you are following a strict schedule, try exploring the back roads instead of the highways. It’s called the Ultimate Road Trip for a reason. If you stay on the highway the entire time, you aren’t going to see anything. Back roads lead you to towns and allow you to experience the local life that make each community you visit during your drive so unique.
  • On the other hand, make sure you stay alert and you pay attention to when you’re about to hit the land of strip malls and busted up roads. It might not seem like a big deal, but these areas can stretch on for miles and miles. Always have a way to get back onto the highway if these back ways don’t work out in your favor.
  • Accept the fact that it isn’t going to be a perfect trip. It’s life and we’re humans; you’re bound to hit a few rough patches along the way. What’s important is how you deal with each hiccup during your trip. The sooner you accept this, the more prepared you’ll feel when problems arise. Also, remember to not let this one truth put a damper on the entire trip. Again, it’s inevitable, so just ride the wave and everything will be okay.


Now that we have all these items out of the way, here are some must-see spots that we saw at some point during the trip.




  • Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary: The world’s largest koala sanctuary.
  • Wheel of Brisbane: A massive Ferris wheel which offers people breathtaking sights of the city.
  • Roma Street Parkland: A well-known park that contains an open-air amphitheater and verdant gardens full of wildlife.


Byron Bay

  • Cape Byron Light: Credited as Australia’s most powerful lighthouse, Cape Byron is approximately 2 miles from Byron Bay.
  • Fishman’s Lookout: A famous location where surfers, dolphins, and fantastic views of the area can be spotted.


Coffs Harbour

  • The Big Banana Fun Park: Literally a banana-themed amusement park. Absolutely a must-see.
  • Forest Sky Pier: The pier extends out nearly 70 feet, offering visitors amazing views of the surrounding mountains and the coast.

Port Macquarie

  • Koala Hospital: A famous wildlife rehabilitation facility. Here, you can take a tour and see all the koalas the facility has taken in.
  • Hastings River: Explore the beautiful Hastings River that is well-known for its oysters.


Hunter Valley

  • The Big UGG Boots: Ever wonder how UGGs are made? Take a tour at the facility here.
  • The Singleton Sundial: If you need to know the time and don’t have a watch (or if you’re just curious/want to spruce up your Instagram feed which you should already be doing on your road trip), try checking out the world’s largest sundial.



  • Sydney Opera House: There is no way that this wasn’t going to make the list.
  • Sydney Harbor Bridge: Another well-known landmark that you have to go see simply because it’s so famous.



  • Mount Ainslie Lookout: Provides fantastic views of Canberra that you absolutely cannot miss out on.
  • The National Library of Australia: Australia’s largest reference library.



  • Shrine of Remembrance: A memorial dedicated to Australia’s veterans.
  • Hosier Lane: A walkway that is totally covered in fantastic street art.
  • Old Melbourne Gaol: A museum that once held some of Australia’s most notorious criminals.


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