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How To Choose Hot Topics for your Next Blog Post (In 10 Steps)

Every blogger or writer, sooner or later comes to a point where has many ideas for blogging in general, but actually has no idea what to write about, at all.

If you аre wondering about what to write in your next blog post or if you're just thinking about making a brand new blog, but you are not sure what are suitable and interesting topics for it,then you came to the right place because today I will give you some ideas for blog types that people are searching for and are interested in quite a lot.

In favor of my plan to come with suggestions for interesting blogs topics I made a survey and included a total of about 50 popular blog terms into it. To be precise I included 52 popular types of blogs.



Note : Probably you have noticed there are three blogs types in my list which are marked with italic font. I’ll explain about them later in my post.


The blog types I have included in my study or experiment were:

  • Adventure Blog
  • Art Blog
  • Auto Blog
  • Baby Blog
  • Beauty Blog
  • Business Blog
  • Comedy Blog
  • Craft Blog
  • Daddy Blog
  • Decorating Blog
  • Design Blog
  • Education Blog
  • Entertainment Blog
  • Fashion Blog
  • Finance Blog
  • Fitness Blog
  • Food Blog
  • Gaming Blog
  • Green Blog
  • Health Blog
  • Home and Garden Blog
  • Home Decor Blog
  • Law Blog
  • Lifestyle Blog
  • Makeup Blog
  • Marketing Blog
  • Men’s Fashion Blog
  • Moms Blog
  • Mom Blog
  • Money Saving Blog
  • Movie Blog
  • Music Blog
  • Outdoor Blog
  • Parenting Blog
  • Personal Finance Blog
  • Pet Blog
  • Photography Blog
  • Political Blog
  • Relationship Blog
  • Science Blog
  • Self Help Blog
  • SEO Blog
  • Sewing Blog
  • Shopping Blog
  • Social Media Blog
  • Sports Blog
  • Tech Blog
  • Technology Blog
  • Travel Blog
  • Wedding Blog
  • Marriage Blog
  • Women’s Fashion Blog


How I did my experiment


1.I first visited the Google AdWords console in order to use the free KeyWords tool and to check what are the monthly searches, related to the Blogs I have chosen.The results can be seen below and even if they were not particularly precise or accurate, they were still good enough for my research.



2.I collected the above results and inserted them into a table, which I used later.




 3.Amongst the initially selected about 50 types of blogs, I decided to filter and mark with green those 30, with highest search volume from AdWords console, and I got the following table :



By using this table one can easily check and select types of blogs people are searching for.I didn’t stop my research here.After creating this table I did some other searches. This time by using Google search.

For these searches, I did the following:


4.I used the Advanced Google operator allintitle and checked one by one how many results Google will return for each type of blogs from my initial list with 50+ entries.For example – for Search term, Adventure Blog Google returned 176,000 results


5.Then I used again Advanced Google operator allintitle, but this time my Search term was enclosed in quotation marks.By using the same search term Adventure Blog from above, but this time with quotation marks I obtained 43,000 results from Google

Let me explain what I did.By using the Advanced Google operator allintitle I tried to get from Google all websites where my search term Adventure Blog exist in the Title.Hence Google will restrict all other results.Queries with quoted term or phrase will result in pages containing the exact term or search phrase.

By applying quotation marks to my search term “Adventure Blog” together with the Advanced Google operator allintitle I tried to get from Google only the webpages where my search term exist in the Title of a Web page, exactly same way as I wrote it.


6. I combined these two types of results for each one of the 52 search terms from my list of blogs and inserted them into another table:



7. I selected the first column in Results, filtered the Google results from Large to Small by and then selected the first 30 with the largest number in the search queries:



Now it is the time to mention in my research I included three types of blogs which are very identical to three others which were already on my initial list of 48 selected blogs.These are Marriage Blog,Technology Blog and Moms Blog.This is why my list ended up with 51 items.I included Moms Blogs and Technology Blogs just to check if there will be significant differences between results when compared with Marriage Blog, Mom Blog and Tech Blog respectively.

Honestly speaking I did not expect such big differences.


8. I did same operation with the second column in Results.

I filtered the Google results from Large to Small by and then selected the first 30 with the largest number in the search queries:




9.As I had two tables and three columns (from AdWords about monthly volume searches and from Google results pages about the existing web pages with my search queries) with sorted by volume data I combined them in one table.In green are the selected 30 results with greatest search volumes.Here are the results:




10. In order to look more neat I left in the table only the results marked with green (the terms with largest volumes ) which are with largest values in all three columns, at the same time.

The remaining 23 items or search terms represent twenty three most popular types of Blogs people are searching and talking about.


Hence these are the blogs users are mostly interested about.




Final words

All these blogs types are on topics, which people find interesting and this is the reason they have large figures as search volumes and existing web pages.Here is the moment to mention that choosing one of these blogs is a guarantee that at some point you will get visitors and your blog might become popular.At same time these are types of blogs where the competition is very high and this has to be underlined.



It is completely up to you if you will decide to choose one or some of these blog types  or choose other type which is not as popular as the above types, but has less competition.This mean you can go for some of the other 29 blogs which are still quite popular, even if not as much as the selected 23 blogs, marked with green.



Do not get confused about the search volume in AdWords console-the term Mom Blog has 0 searches a month as per the tool, but this does not mean people are not interested in Mom’s Blogs.The users usually search for other terms such as topics discussed in Mom’s Blogs, not directly for Mom’s blogs.

I leave to you to decide what kind of blog you want and I hope my blog post will help you to make your final choice.



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