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How to start a Vlog in 15 steps

How to start a Vlog in 15 steps


Do you want to make your first Vlog but do not know where to start? Then you will learn in 15 simple steps to create your vlog on a YouTube channel.



Before launching to create your first vlog, you should have a general idea about what type of vlog you want to make.

Having a detailed plan on the topics of which your videos will be treated is very important if you want to succeed as a vlogger.


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  1. Study the Most Popular YouTubers

The first step, if you have not already done so, is to research the most popular vloggers, or they do not have to be the most popular, but study people who have already had success in the world of Vlogging.


Take your time watching your videos again and again and analyze the details. Do they use an intro? What kind of music do they play? Do they have a slogan or slogan that makes them recognizable and allows them to connect with their audience? What do they record and how do they edit it? How long are the videos?


You should not take this advice as an incentive to copy, learn from the YouTubers that already know how to succeed and then give it your personal touch.


  1. Get the Right Material

To record a good video, you first need to make sure you have the right equipment. Contrary to what many people think, you do not need to spend thousands of dollars on professional cameras and microphones. To start, you only need a camera that can record in Full HD 1080p, which is the resolution that most vloggers use).


Although it is not essential, you can also buy a microphone, tripod or some additional camera, but nobody expects Hollywood blockbusters from a beginner YouTuber, so do not worry too much about this, since you can always complete your recording equipment according to your channel. YouTube is growing.


  1. Prepare your Vlog

Now that you are ready to start recording your first vlog, you have to start thinking about what you want to do in your vlogs in more detail. What will you do and what will you say?

You can prepare a script with what you want to say and structure the content a bit, but neither are you a perfectionist or pay too much attention to the script once you start recording, if it is obvious to the audience that you are reading a script, they will find your channel boring and monotonous. It is better to write the main points that you want to talk about, highlighting some keywords about the topic to be discussed. This way, you will have a security mattress if you stay blank.


Do not give up if at first you need to take many shots to finish with the result you want, the more you practice, the less time you will need to record your videos.


  1. Turn your Vlog into something interesting

People follow vlogs and YouTube channels because they bring some benefit. That benefit can be pure fun or education.


The best advice you can follow to make your vlog interesting is to choose a topic that you like and dedicate yourself to it.


Are you good at imitating people? Create a channel of imitations! Are you hooked on the latest Netflix series? Create a channel to talk about different theories! Are you an expert in quantum physics? Create an educational channel about physics! Any subject is valid to succeed, there are always people with the same tastes as you, so take advantage of your passion for that topic to convert to create an interesting Vlog.


These are other general tips to make your vlog interesting:


  • Be original: If your vlog is about the same as that of thousands of other vloggers, it will be difficult to make room for yourself, although this is not always the case.
  • Transmit energy: Show yourself energetic and enthusiastic in your videos, smile and tell funny anecdotes. People go to YouTube to see sad or bored people.



  1. Be Yourself

Although you should try to be as interesting, unique and entertaining as possible, that does not mean you should stop being yourself. Your followers will realize at some time. Relax, smile and let your personality shine in your vlogs.




  1. Import your video clips to edit

The first step to edit your videos is to import the files on your computer. This step can be different depending on the camera you have, but normally it is enough to insert your SD memory card in the computer or connect your camera with a USB cable. Some cameras even allow you to send photos to your computer via Wi-Fi.



  1. Edit your Vlog

After you have copied all the videos to your computer, you are ready to import the clips into your favorite video editor. If you use windows, you should have Windows Movie Maker installed; if you use Mac instead, iMovie is your default editor. These two programs are free and have enough functionality to create your vlog, but they can be somewhat limited if you want to do something beyond the basics.  There are a lot of books and video tutorials on how to use these products so we will not talk in depth about them. 

When you are editing your vlogs, choose the most interesting parts and edit them together. It is also advisable to add an introduction and a farewell to your videos. The length of a vlog can be very variable. Several variables influence how often you upload a video, how many minutes of recording you have or,, the theme of it. In general, vlogs should be at least 5 minutes and should not be longer than 20 minutes.


Note: If you want to upload videos of more than 15 minutes to YouTube, you will need to verify your account with your phone number.


  1. Export the Edited Video

Once you have finished with the vlog edition and you are happy with the final result, it is time to export the video.


Exporting a video is the process of rendering a video project to a video file that you can upload to YouTube.


If you do not know what resolution or video format to use, take a look at YouTube's recommendations for uploading videos to your platform.


  1. Upload your Vlog to YouTube

Log in to your YouTube channel and click on the upload icon located to the right of the search bar, or go directly to youtube.com/upload.


Select your video file and start uploading it to YouTube. Once this is done, you can follow the following steps to complete the process. Your video will only be public once you have clicked the "Publish" button


  1. Choose a Title

Now you can choose a title that will be used for the YouTube search engine. The title must be short (less than 50 characters), precise, eye-catching and related to the content of your video. It is advisable that you choose the title to get the attention of the public but never choose a deceptive title. Users will not like it, and you will start receiving "I do not like" and negative comments. Also if you abuse misleading titles, YouTube may even cancel your account for not respecting its rules.


  1. Choose a Thumbnail

The thumbnail is the image that will appear in the preview of the video on YouTube, so it has almost the same importance as the title when it comes to attracting the attention of users.


YouTube allows you to choose an image capture of the video itself, or upload a photo edited by you. Remember that the thumbnail plays an important role in the user's decision about whether or not to see your vlog, so you should take your time to choose the appropriate thumbnail.


  1. Write a Description

The last step in the publication of your Vlog is the description of the video. The description of a video on YouTube plays an important role when it comes to positioning your video in searches.


Try to write a description of between 300 and 500 words and do not forget to include the keywords that your target audience would use to find videos about the topic that you treat in your vlog.


  1. Share your Vlog in Social Networks

The easiest way to promote your new vlog is by sharing it on social networks. Publish it on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest or any other social network you use. It may also be beneficial for you to start following (if you have not already done so), to other YouTubers that are similar to you, comment on their videos and interact with them and their followers, it is a good way to learn and promote your channel indirectly.


  1. Build your Audience

Try to build a loyal audience that will watch your videos regularly and leave comments or "I like it." This will help you build a reputation on YouTube and your videos will be better positioned and will bring you closer to the "recommended videos" section of YouTube.


  1. Collaborate with other Vloggers

You can also collaborate with other Vloggers to promote your channels mutually.


Remember that it is very likely that your first vlog is not a marvel and get few visits, but do not give up! Almost all the vloggers that now have millions of subscribers have started from scratch as well, and you can be sure that their first videos were not a big deal either.


Keep working, uploading content and promoting; you never know when your time may come.


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