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How to Write a Magazine Article

 Writing articles for magazines is a good way to earn an extra buck or even to make it your full-time job if you are skilled enough for that. Even in our digital age, there are still magazines that can afford to pay up to $1 per word to their freelance writers. There are no universal requirements to writing magazine articles. In fact, they vary from one magazine to another. The set of necessary skills, however, can be outlined. Among these skills are creativity – to generate ideas, strong voice – to write convincingly; intuition – to target the truly interesting issues; attention to detail -to revise your writings and to craft a killer piece, and others.


This doesn't answer, though, the main question – how to write an article for a magazine? Below is our humble step-by-step guide.


1. Analyze your favorite publications. You should write on the topic you enjoy and in the style that you enjoy. So, take a look at your favorite articles and try to find out what makes you like them.


2. Check out latest trends. To pick an interesting topic, you can look up what is currently trending on Twitter and Facebook, or just remember what you were talking about with your friends recently.


3. Browse the upcoming events. Look online at what interesting is going to happen some time soon in your area. Are any rock stars coming to town? Is a there are blockbuster premier? This could be a good topic.


4. Look at what's hot in other magazines. Mind that some of the more experienced writers may have a good sense of what should be written about at this point in time. So, look through other magazines to see what topics are popular there.


5. Look from a different angle. If all topics seem covered and/or trivial, try to take a radically different approach to them by looking at them from a completely opposite angle.


6. Start researching. Once you have picked a topic to write about, it is high time to start researching. The materials for research are not only other publications but possibly some books as well.


7. Find experts. Locate people who might have an interesting opinion on the subject and interview them. They don't have to be professors or anything like that. They might be just ordinary people who have an interesting view on the subject.


8. Put together an outline. Go through your research results and interviews, and create an outline for your future article. Your main point and opinion should be placed in the introduction section. Then you put arguments to support your point in the body. To conclude, restate your point at the end of the article.


9. Think of a strong opening. A good magazine article should catch the reader's attention from the very first line. It can be a punchline or a joke or a thought-provoking question, but it is not necessary. It just needs to be engaging.


10. Exploit quotes. Insert quotes from the interview(s) that you have gathered earlier. Or from your research materials. Every idea that you bring up had better be backed up by a quote from an expert.


11. Leave your reader satisfied yet wanting more. This is the trick of a good conclusion: on the one hand, you restate what has been said in the introduction as a proven fact or theory, but on the other hand, you must not give you reader the feeling that the topic has been fully covered – so that they will expect you to deliver the follow-up.


12. Revise and edit. Once you have finished the first draft, do not assume that your work is over. Now you send it to the editor and wait for their comments. Once you receive them, don't take anything personally, this would be very unprofessional. Remember that you and the editor have the common goal – to have an excellent article in the end. Which is why only argue with the editor if you are 100% confident that you are right. The editor is an expert in magazine articles, so be perceptive of their thoughts and thankful for their feedback.




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