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Want to Import PST File to Outlook Online? Here Comes the Solution!

“Hello Everyone! I’ve got an urgent requirement to import PST file to Outlook Online. As currently I am using Outlook with a POP3 account and I need to switch to an Outlook.com account(Outlook Online). Because of which, I have set Outlook.com to download all the incoming new mails for my old POP3 account. I am bit confused with the configuration steps of Outlook.com in Outlook. Please advise the accurate procedure to migrate PST file to Outlook.com.”

Why There Is a Need to Import PST to Outlook.com?

Well, most of you might get curious enough to know the requirement to upload PST file to Outlook.com. The basic advantage is that, once the PST file is migrated to Outlook Online, a user can easily open Outlook without a PST file. Sounds Great? Indeed it is! Then come let us move further with the manual method to import PST to Outlook.com.

Manual Technique to Migrate PST to Outlook Online

Before understanding this manual procedure, a user must create the backup of the data first as a precautionary act. For that, simply create a copy of the PST file only when the Outlook is closed to a safe location. This is because this method is not a reliable and precise method. Hence, if any discrepancy occurs in between can crash your PST file, thereby leading to PST corruption.


Step 1: Configure Outlook Online as an MS Exchange Account

  • In this step, one should check whether the Outlook Online account has been configured as Microsoft Exchange in Outlook account
  • To verify the same, go to File>> Account Settings>> Account Settings.. option
  • When it prompts Microsoft Exchange behind the Outlook Online account, which means it is configured
  • If it says, Exchange ActiveSync, POP3 or IMAP, then re-add your Outlook Online account through Auto Account Setup to connect Outlook.com as MS Exchange account


Step 2: Check the PST File Size

  • This step is just to ensure that the PST file size is not large to import PST file to Outlook Online. If you have got a large PST file, then there are chances of virus or any malicious software getting attached to the file or it could lead to PST corruption, thereby making the data inaccessible
  • Hence, if the PST file is greater than 4GB data, then it is suggested to first upload 4GB maximum data and later upload 1GB in every 2-3 day. This will ensure that the mailbox won’t exceed to a great extent and also will grow with you
  • On the other hand, if it’s a brand new Outlook Online account, then it will take time to grow the mailbox with you


Step 3: Migrate the Data to Outlook.com

  • Once all the configurations and other settings are done, then upload all of your mailbox items from the current mailbox to Outlook Online account
  • Either you can use drag and drop method to move the folders or simply right-click the folder and select Move Folder option
  • Otherwise, hit Ctrl+Shift+V keys from your keyboard to migrate selected items
  • This will help you to migrate all the data items such as email folder, contacts, tasks, calendar, notes, journals to Outlook.com
  • After which, a user can set Outlook Online as the default account and also remove the PST file from the Outlook profile


Note: As the uploading requires more time than downloading. Hence, do not upload all the data at once, this could lead to lowering the storage capacity. As a result, you might run out of space. So, be wise and upload a short set of data initially and so forth.


Did You Feel the Manual Method Challenging? Why?

The above described manual method has its own set of limitations such as it works only for limited Outlook versions, it will be a nightmare to upload large sized PST file to Outlook and so on. Meanwhile, the steps are quite lengthy, which ultimately consumes your valuable time. Apart from all these, the worst part is, it does not exhibit a guaranteed result. So, what is the next option?


Expert Solution to Upload PST File to Outlook.com Account 

Does the above method did not work well? If yes, then do not lose your hope, as we have got an instant solution to migrate PST to Outlook Online in just few mouse clicks. Use SysTools Office 365 Import tool, which is a complete and a guaranteed solution to import any size PST file to an Office 365 profile. This tool is induced with numerous features that have overcome all the manual limitations. Moreover, one can download and use this tool for all Outlook versions.

Note: For demo version, Click on the download button below:


Concluding Words

If you are not able to import PST file to Outlook Online account manually, then there could be various reasons that are discussed in this blog. Therefore, to rectify all these limitations, use Office 365 Import tool. An out of the box professional tool which provides a simplified process to migrate the PST file to Outlook.com. It is a safe and secure tool that does not cause any technical or data loss issue.



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