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Is it possible to lose weight while breastfeeding?

If you have a newborn baby and you are thinking about slashing weight whilst breastfeeding, there are certainly some things that you need to take into consideration. The keys to weight loss while breastfeeding need moderation and patience but yes you can lose weight heavily while breastfeeding.

There are lots of resources can be found on the internet associated with this topic, and there are also plenty of new mothers with the same objectives and the same problems as you. Do a search in google and you will be sure to find more than a few people just like you!



How Naturally Losing weight whilst breastfeeding:

Losing weight whilst breastfeeding comes naturally to many women. Most of the women will gain weight during pregnancy and it is normal to lose it after delivery. Breastfeeding burns calories, and if your diet does not go beyond the number of calories you need to sustain your existing weight, the calories you burn during breastfeeding will naturally cause you to lose weight over time.

Theoretically, for one oz. of milk you generate, you can burn about 20 calories, with that said, by feeding your baby daily, you can burn about 500 calories a day! A pound of fat equal to 3500 calories, losing a pound in 7 days while breastfeeding is wholly possible.

Although you can lose plenty of weight it is perfectly safe and very healthy to practice after your pregnancy. Other than get you back in shape and but it will also help you to keep your mood positive. Have fun! Try going for a walk. Play with your kid, listen to music and make it fun instead of a duty.

There are many ways to get moving without stepping out from your home. If you are trying for more intense exercise, you can do it after feeding your baby so your breasts are not so full. Make sure you take a shower before you stay close to your baby because the salt in your sweat can turn your baby off in some circumstance.


Is it Safe to Losing Weight Heavily While Breastfeeding?

Nevertheless, losing weight heavily while breastfeeding is not a right move. Toxins that we consume can be stored in fat which will eventually be released into the milk you generate if too much fat is broken down in a short period of time. This is definitely unhealthy for your baby. Do not forget that if you are losing weight while breastfeeding you are going to have to balance a few different objectives at once.

You can’t deny that you want to lose weight and slashing calories and doing fat burning exercise is the best technique to do that. But, you also should remember that you’re going to be exhausted. Taking care of a newborn baby is a complicated task, and exercise may take a back seat to pigging out on your favorite comfort foods.


You need to eat sufficiently to maintain a positive attitude and a healthy body, not only for you but also for your baby. Although the quality of food has nothing to do with the quality of milk you generate, it can adversely affect how you feel and thus you and your baby’s relationship.

Do not forget that losing weight while breastfeeding require a bit of moderation and patience. If you are still uncertain about this as far as what you should and should not do or what is safe for you and your baby there are many specialists and diet programs about losing weight while breastfeeding can be accessible from the internet. Look for one and follow until you achieve your desired weight!



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