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Miscommunication Is The Biggest Failure In The Software Industry!

A report issued by one of the prime research institutes suggested that ineffectual communication has a negative influence on fruitful project execution.

Do you think it is surprising? It shouldn’t be! It is one of the major issues that can lead to project execution failures. Likely anybody who is involved in any of the projects of any particular size understands this basic fact. What may astound you is the number of projects still missing effective communications management and the outcomes scale of economic influence this absence has on projects.


Though strides have been made to enhance formality, ‘communications’ that will often be regarded by the management as something which instantly ‘happens’ as a part of the regular project management activities with the help of the common and most generic tools, including email and/or spreadsheets. But, without a thorough communication plan and tools developed to store and regulate project data as well as communications, many organizations are throwing plenty of dollars out the window with each project they try to execute.

The companies just have to understand the major causes of miscommunication, and they have to devise ways in order to avoid the miscommunications in software development projects. However, this will only be possible if the company has a with a dedicated developer team.

Companies should study some of the generic situations which a normal developer, tester or even a Project Manager can face quite regularly. Note down those miscommunication problems that emerged because of the poor language command or any other reasons.


In recent years, software development companies have also figured out that plenty of businesses who get into the outsourcing business but they tend to have inadequate experience in dealing with some of the third-party vendors. This absence of experience can generally lead to miscommunication in case the vendor doesn’t guide the organization in the course of outsourcing association.

As we all know, Miscommunication leads to a lot of delays in the completion of the project. It will also need extra money from the contracted out organization. While a few of the miscommunication problems could be blamed on the software service provider, but plenty of them are caused by the client’s impractical expectations as well. If a company wishes to institute a productive working bond with the outsourced software development people they have to have clear expectations. Plus, they should understand whether the expectations are practical or not and whether the vendor would be able to fulfill the requirements or not.



Docs play a major role

It is extremely significant to understand the client’s language and coordinate as per the client’s language. There can be often-met issues just arising because of the improper interpretation. For instance, the description can be interpreted in a different way, not just a lingual but technical stages by programmers as well as the QA. A.U., PM.

The client can even provoke miscommunication by denying writing any doc, and due to such things, a few of the functionalities have to be rewritten for numerous times because every team member has his or her own distinct vision of how the process should work. Therefore, the testers don’t understand neatly how to test as it is not understandable how some of the features should work and there is no doc that they can refer to for particular data.


One of the other mega causes of miscommunication is partial data. For instance, a customer communicates particulars to one team associate expecting him to distribute the information in place of doing it through a group chat or an emailer. Therefore, it is utmost important for the companies to deliver the right kind of message to the right set of audience.

Also, there can be certain challenges when the client finds it difficult to trust the software development company and talks round corners or provides scarce information in portions. Ultimately a few portions of code have to be rewritten. Confidence is really important and the lack of it can lead to less productivity as well. Therefore, companies should enforce an open communication environment to boost productivity and to steer innovation from the team. A team feels the disbelief and less involvement are a threat to the efficient delivery of projects.


Communication plays a significant role whether it is within the software service provider’s company or with the client. Therefore, all the steps should be taken to establish an open environment where things are on a clearer side.


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