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Securing website by converting HTTP to HTTPS

How to Secure website by converting "Http:" to "Https:"

HTTPS stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure. It is the secured and enhanced version of Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP). HTTPS is a protocol that is highly used in protecting the integrity and confidentiality of all types of data that travels through the insecure media – Internet. HTTPS is a process by which you can send the encrypted information between a browser and web server. Thus, with the help of HTTPS, you will be able to protect the user of your website from Man-in-the-Middle attack and prevents the hacker to steal the vital information that is sent to the site.

Reasons for converting the HTTP to HTTPS
There are various reasons for which it is necessary to change over the HTTP to HTTPS, and some of these reasons are as follows:

• Security
With HTTPS the user of the website can achieve the safest web experience. HTTPS helps in protecting the information of the user from the hand of hackers. Whatever you send through HTTPS will be 100 per cent safe and secure. Thus, with the help of the HTTPS protocol, you can easily handle the sensitive communications. It can prevent the intruder from tampering with the data that is sent over the unsecured Internet by resisting data access by any third entity between sender and receiver. Thus, with HTTPS you can safeguard the privacy and security.

• Enhancing Google Ranking
It is not only the security though.HTTPS also helps in enhancing the ranking of the website in Google search engine. If you observe carefully, you can find that more than 40% of websites that appear on the first page of the Google search engine results are sites with HTTPS. From this fact you can surely guess that Google favours HTTPS sites. Google, being the world largest search engine always wants to make sure that they give the best user experience to their viewers and as such, they will never like to send insecure websites to their viewers. That is the reason why the ranking algorithm of Google search engine favours the HTTPS sites. Thus it is very essential to make sure that your website is HTTPS otherwise it may outrank by Google search engine.

• AMP needs HTTPS sites
In this world of mobile revolution today everyone has a smartphone in their hand, and as such, it becomes very essential to make your website mobile responsive and mobile friendly. It is also crucial for the company to look into the page loading speed for which Accelerated Mobile Page (AMP) has become very essential in today’s generation. AMP can ensure that the content of the website loads on the mobile device at a faster rate. AMP is developed by Google, and it plays a vital role in optimising the mobile content. But AMP requires HTTPS sites. Apart from that, AMP runs on modern browsers and on progressive web apps which also requires HTTPS to run correctly. Thus HTTPS has now become very essential.



How to convert websites from HTTP to HTTPS

The following is the step by step process by which you can save your site from unsecured HTTP to HTTPS secure website setup:

• First, it is necessary to make sure that the host is able to deliver the HTTPS website.
• Second, you have to purchase an SSL certificate. It is essential to obtain SSL certificate from the host, and an example of such host is Nexcess.
• Third, it is necessary to configure the host with SSL certificate. If the website is set correctly with the SSL certificate, then you will not receive any warning message about the invalid certificate. It will also be required to clear your cache completely.
• Forth, you have to change the link of all HTTP website to HTTPS. Since there will be thousands of HTTP link, it is recommended to fist change all the links of non-CMS generated links into HTTPS and then change the Content Management System (CMS) generated links.
• Fifth, for all Apache-based website it is necessary to redirect all incoming HTTP request to HTTPS.
• Finally, convert all links, articles, blogs and other content of the site into HTTPS.
This is how you can convert your HTTP website into HTTPS secured connection which is very essential in today’s generation when security has become a significant concern.


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