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Should you Really Trust Online Reviews ?

Review the Reviewers

More and more consumers are now taking notice of online reviews because the online reviews are of great importance in deciding which product,brand or local business to use.

The continued growth of Internet and the mobile Internet usage means the consumers are becoming more familiar with online reviews and therefore placing more value and trust in them.The online reviews give users quick access content and in future will become even more important to consumers and extremely valuable to the business owners.The presence of hundreds available online business directories help the consumers to identify easy what they look for and at the same time provide a variety of choices.The negative outcome of having such a variety of options is that the users get confused at a point which source is useful for them so in many cases they have to use more than one source for online reviews.


"Verified reviews, also known as user-generated content, are candid testimonials of a customer’s experience with your product. The more reviews there are for a given product, the stronger and more persuasive the social proof will be".This is the opinion of Joanna Alter on Youtpo.The “verified reviews” are important for brands and retailers, but to preserve the credibility of reviews is quite a difficult task.


It is convenient to find out what others think of a company ,before you purchase a service or goods but how trustworthy are the opinions? To ensure accuracy and reliability, because the scores can be manipulated by self-interested parties some quality controls are necessary.In the research carried out by Consumers Reports about the quality of services provided by some of the most famous brands, providers of online reviews and ratings are mentioned the lack of transparency in some of the methods for collecting the online reviews and concerns that the reviews are bogus or manipulated.The research includes big names as BBB(Better Business Bureau),Yelp,Google+ Local (Google My Business),Porch and Angie's List.


Do the online ratings services deliver always unbiased and trusted reviews of local businesses as promised?

I don't think the online review and rating services deliver unbiased reviews.Most of them don't.In many cases these services don't work exactly as the customers expect.
The existing systems and services are so easy to manipulate that they are not reliable at all.Do you want a good review on GoodReads?No problem.

It might be interesting for you to read "I Get Paid To Write Fake Reviews For Amazon"on Cracked.com.It is similar with Angie's list.And Google.How is your product selling on Amazon?


Actually it seems Amazon took the issue with the fake online reviews very seriously.And this is not just about Amazon Vine.Yelp also took some actions.
Some time ago Yelp created their own business page on Yelp,which seems strange to me.This is my personal impression by reading the comments left by the most devoted yelpers.
Indeed-everyone must be given a second chance, but how much do you trust on a source which failed at least once,badly?

There are helpful sources such as WikiHow which will help you to find the fake reviews,but the global market of producing manipulated consumers reviews is just huge.If you dont believe me-go and check on Fiverr or just use your browser.It seems even the paid option to access the reviews is not always a solution of the problem with the false reviews.
The fake or bogus reviews created a good opportunity for companies such as ReviewMeta or FakeSpot,  to find a new niche in a huge market.Of course, as you can imagine there are some doubts about how trustable and reliable are these type of services too.


Who To Trust then?

So, who and what remains to trust to,then?Is it just our common sense and feelings?There are solutions provided by platforms such as Choice.au or ConsumerReports.org which seem trustable. Some others like  Critizen and Fanreviews also seem promising, because they have slightly different approach to the problem with the fake reviews.Whether such solutions will work well we would see in future.A company named Fakespot claims their software "spots, analyzes and identifies fake reviews".Interesting, isn't it ?

As per one research people choose news that fits their views.Is this one applicable to the online reviews too?





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