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4 Surprising Things That You Learn From Running A Tech Blog

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We live in an era where technology rules. A three-year-old today is probably better versed in the use of mobile than a thirty-year-old. And with passing time, we are being introduced to more complex and expensive devices. While some can afford to buy the latest iPhone model, it is heavy on others’ pockets. The latter then hunt for Xfinity Deals to satisfy their appetite for the latest technological devices. However, owning the latest gadget does not imply that you are just as tech-savvy. I know several people who own the most recent gadgets but only a few have a thorough knowledge of the product they own. And this is when the tech blogs come into play. I would describe these blogs as a classroom where the more learned teaches the amateur. Being a tech-savvy person myself, I gave running a tech blog a shot and here’s what I learned from running one:

1. Frequent updating

Running a tech blog comes with its own set of challenges. Sacrificing social life is just one of them. A tech blog is always hungry for more information. So, if you decide to run a blog covering all aspects of technology ranging from programming to i0S, you need to update the blog once every day. In contrast, if you plan to keep your audience updated with the latest happening in the tech world, a single post a day won’t suffice. You will have to post two to three times a day for your blog to be successful. This is mainly because technology is continuously evolving with countless discoveries being made. And if the audience, at any point, feels that it is being deprived of the latest news, they will not think twice before switching to a new blog. So, keeping yourself updated with every new detail in the tech world is the key to running a successful tech blog.

2. Educate yourself regarding the new trends:

I can’t stress enough on the need to keep yourself updated with the new trends. Being an Early bird informer here is the key. To earn decent organic rankings along with immense referral traffic, you need to post the most recent trends on your blog. And here’s why this is important. You see, when a technology is first introduced, a handful of people are aware of it. This leaves you with little or no competition when it comes to keywords ranking. This is your time to attract as many people on your blog as you can as Google will lack content to put on the same rank. As a result, more people will click on your blog post which in turn will generate more income for you. Hence, stay as well-informed as you can.

3. Keyword research is crucial:

Your keyword research game should be very strong. Don’t expect to excel in tech blogging if you lack the art of researching relevant keywords. You can’t expect organic traffic to flow in after putting up a simple blog post. The post should revolve around a particular idea/theme. It should be able to rank for a particular keyword. And you should always target the keywords that rank high on the CPC radar. This will help you in earning a handsome amount of Adsense revenue. There are ample amount of sites that help you sort out the keywords which have comparatively higher Adsense CPC. Once you have figured out the high CPC keywords, your Adsense charts will display a huge spike. And your blog will start gaining more viewers.

4. It requires time:

One thing that all tech bloggers need to understand is that these blogs don’t gain popularity overnight. It needs time and asks for your patience before the results start pouring in. The blog is solely dependent on traffic for revenue, a good amount of organic traffic is required. And the only key to attracting organic traffic is frequent updating of the blog. My advice to amateur bloggers would be to stick to one blog and keep updating it as frequently as they can. Once you get the hang of it and get familiar with the concept of blogging, only then you should opt for running more blogs simultaneously. Gaining organic traffic is very crucial for tech blogs.

It takes time but you learn. My advice to all the aspiring tech bloggers is to spend more and more time researching the latest news. I remember when a was not an educated tech person, I would face problems while fixing issues regarding cable or internet connections. But Spectrum Customer Support was always a savior. All my queries were answered and issues resolved in a matter of minutes.

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