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The Importance of keyword density.How and where to use keywords?


We are well aware of the fact that the search engine giant Google and others don’t rank a site considering only one or two factors. A number of factors are considered that decide which site should be on top and which ones still need improvement to gain the top spot. These factors also decide which one of the competing sites is to fetch organic traffic.

While search engines bots crawl to know what the pages are all about, you need to make sure that your web pages convey the right message to these crawlers. This can be only done if you come up with the right and suitable keywords. Making sure that your keywords are where they should be will enable search engines to find you quickly.


Common questions

Some common questions that arise here are:

  • How do you come with a strong keyword strategy?
  • How to know which keywords you need to embed?
  • Where and how to use them?
  • What should be the keyword density?

These questions may bother you but if you serve some time in reading the remaining part of this blog, you will be enlightened with a number of things that will surely be helpful for you in future and for ranking your site. So, here we go.



Build a Keyword Strategy

This may be difficult if you haven’t tried your hand at it before. At the beginning just going with keywords, you want to advertise may not be the go-to thing. Let’s suppose you select a few keywords related to your industry and use them all over the content used in your site. That seems right and easy! Doesn’t it? But that’s totally wrong.

In the initial phase, you need to figure what people need and what they are searching. Is the common public typing “electrician” or “fix my iron”? The first hurdle crossed, now you need to look for the search item which has a high search volume and low competition.  Normally most people use Google Keyword Planner or any other trusted keyword finder for this purpose.

What you get from this process is strategically chosen terms which people are typing in the search bars for the fulfillment of their purposes. Tools mentioned above enlighten you about the usage of keywords and keyword density on the website etc. These terms will also benefit you as you go on further carrying your SEO strategy.



Use Targeted Keywords on Website

Just sprinkling keywords in your website is surely not a sensible and effective way to incorporate keywords into the website. You need to be sensible in your approach. As Google and other search engine’s bots crawl your pages they are following a number of areas that give them a clear idea of what the page is all about. These specific areas are:

Title Tag: make sure to use your primary keyword or part of it in the title.

URL: The URL should also have the title name in it and may include an important keyword in it.

H1 Tag: The H1 tag is the main title of the page and it portrays what the page is about to not only the readers but also to the search engines.

Main body: The ideal usage of your main keywords in the copy of your page is twice or thrice, depending on the text.

Image Tags: The usage of keywords in the image tags may not be obvious unless the images don’t load due to any reason. According to experts, this is a great place for adding your important keywords as this also affects your website’s SEO positively.

Meta Description: Although some search engines may not consider Meta description as an important factor for ranking pages, however, the leading search engine, Google, bolds the search queries on its search result pages which make them stand out for the people who are searching them.


Focus on your blog

Make sure your blog is up an about. It is an integral part of your site. Having a blog is important because it not only provides fresh content to the search engines for crawling but also attracts a number of people in search of information and unique content. This provides SEO mileage to your site and allows it to rise in SERPS.

Blogs are ideal for the use of long tail keywords. Also, you should make use of all your keywords and write on a number of topics in your niche and category. The conversational nature of the blogs makes it convenient to use a number of different keywords. However, you need to be mind full of the fact that keywords density plays a big part in the overall SEO.


Avoid stuffing and spamming

Spamming and stuffing of keywords in the content go against you. Be sensible while incorporating keywords in the text. The blogs must be posted at regular intervals and the ideal period between two posts is at least one week. The more regular you are in posting unique and informative content with a sensible usage of keywords the more chances you have in ranking your site higher because the crawlers will frequently come back on your site for indexing.



Be sensible regarding your keywords

While curating content for the page related to products/services you offer, you need to be wise. Make sure that the page is based on one or two of your similar keywords. What this does is that it makes things easy for the readers and the search engine by not mixing a number of keywords in one page.

Another important thing to remember here is that you should not stuff too many keywords in your web content. Also, the repetition of one keyword, again and again, can turn out to be lethal. Make sure that you are prudently using keywords and there is a proper strategy set for keyword density.

Excessive use of keywords will make the readers run away from the content as it may not be natural, flowing, useful and informative. Also, the search engines will understand that all the excessive usage of keywords is to game the system and Google or any other search engine can penalize you.




Search engines even blacklist sites that are trying to make shortcuts and want them to be ranked quickly by not following the organic traffic route. That’s the reason experts emphasize heavily on keyword density and the aspect of keyword strategy.




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