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The importance of SEO in eCommerce

The loading time is one of the factors to be taken into account in the SEO positioning of any eCommerce, since it directly affects the sales of any online store. The loading time of electronic stores is three times the recommended amount.

If we want to improve the conversion of our online business, we need to increase visits and traffic with a good SEO positioning.

Factors for the SEO of an eCommerce

In the present article we want to address some key factors that improve the SEO positioning  of our electronic commerce.

1. The domain matters
Choosing a good domain is important for the name to be recognizable. Opting for a domain with exact keywords or domains until a while ago was important. Now, it no longer influences with so much weight, since the search engines identify the brands in a secure way and their respective domains.

2. Structure of the web

We must make our website easy and intuitive and take into account that the starting point of any navigation will be the home page . It is important to introduce links to the different pages of the web so that everything flows normally.

In short, we have to try to simplify the lives of visitors and also search engines. If you check out this logo designing services brand. They have designed one of the most significant structure that I usually feels every body should follow.

3. Creation of original contents

Truly important the creation of original and quality content to position our eCommerce in the first places of the search engines. The content must always be unique and original, since it is truly relevant for the user and makes a difference.

We have to make a keyword choice strategy for the main phrases and to enter in the product description, URL's, articles of a blog ...

Another action that can improve our content strategy is the introduction of links to take users to the conversion pages.

We can offer our users images, webinars, interesting videos or an eBook to improve our content strategy.

4. Labeling and weight of the images

According to an analysis carried out by Google Pagespeed , the main problem that we find in the loading speed of online stores is the weight of the images on the pages.

We can determine that images are not interpreted in the same way by humans as by search engines.

It is very important that the file name of the images contains keywords and that it has recognizable formats such as .png, .jpg or .gif.

Also important in this regard are the "alt" attributes of the images, since they allow us to specify the text that will appear replacing the image in the case that it can not be displayed for any reason.

5. One page links

We have to value that each link we include gives a value to the pages of the web, but not all generate the same conversions (the links that go from one page to another provide the value of the original page).

The objective of the links is not only to guide users through the paths they convert best, but search engines give a higher value to the pages with links and dedicate more time in terms of indexing, rank or tracking.

6. Duplicate content

One aspect that is highly penalized by search engines and that seriously harms an eCommerce is the use of duplicate content.

A practice that unfortunately occurs very often and that we have to try to avoid to improve the positioning of our online store.


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