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Website Publishing,Submitting and Promotion

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Website Publishing,Website Submitting, and Website Promotion.Part One


If you have finished with the hard building process of your website and uploaded it to a server , then you reached the other two important points - to submit it and to promote its content to the World.

Prior advertising your masterpiece website, you'll have to let the searching engines know that your site project has been completed and uploaded and its content-ready to be explored, first.

You can choose between two possible options:

1)DIY-Do It Yourself (a note-by calling it DIY I don't actually mean free , by the way);
2)Get someone to do it for you;

Submitting your Website to the Search Engines

Option 1- Do It Yourself:

The "Do It Yourself" variant has two options -  free and paid.
If you choose the free one and you have 0 (zero) experience with this matter,most probably either you won't succeed (I don't want to discourage you), or you'll just spend a lot of time and resources (which means free is not free at the end), before you eventually find you've taken the wrong way.On another hand, you'll get experience.
Don't get me wrong-there are many services that can be utilized for free,hopefully, but they require to have some knowledge.As it is with anything else, so nothing new under the Sun.
To have the knowledge you must spend some time for learning,reading,watching,testing,you name it.In my humble opinion, this is not always the best or cheapest option.
For informing the big search engines that your site is working and its resources can be used now, basically means you have to create an account for almost all of these and then provide some details, such as the name of your site,the type of its category content-i.e.- a blog, an e-shop,a social network,etc. By the term, "the big search engines" I mean Yandex,Bing,Google,Yahoo,etc.- below you can find the list of the most popular search engines you can submit your website to*.
The final goal of this is process is the search engines to discover faster your website (or just site) and index all of its available content in order to provide it to users, who use the search engine. The web search engine is a software system , designed to search for information on the WWW (World Wide Web).Except for the Search Engines there are also other types of engines , named Metasearch engines or aggregators, but this is another topic.The big search engines indexes,or data records, contain several billion web pages,which are 99% populated through a free crawl process, by using "spiders". This mean even if you don't submit, or register your site it will be found at some point and crawled by the spiders.This process can take a while because sometimes you have to wait for weeks or months.
To shorten this period you have as explained to submit the info about your site to the search engines, or at least to some of them.
The submitting itself it's not extremely difficult, but of course, it also has some tricks.

Check the links provided below to get through this process without hassle.**
These days can be found different software*** provided for such purposes, so you can really make your life easier by
using such.The bad news is that most of the provided software is paid, so you'll have to spend some bucks for it,
but the good news is that there are a number of free sites that you can use for the same and by using some of them
you can save time, because they provide option to submit your site to more than one search engine at a time.****


Submitting your Website to the Search Engines

Option 2-Use professional services:


This option has its advantages first, you will not spend time to go through the process of learning "How To submit a website to a search engine", which is not difficult , but might be sometimes, especially for newbies;
second, there's no point to buy a software for submitting your site and to use it only once,if you are not planning to use it regularly , or for a business;
And third-probably to assign such a task to the professionals would be the fastest and at the same time ,the cheapest option.
Certainly, there are many freelancers that can do this job for you in no time.
If you decide to use the paid services check the available in the Web sites for hiring a good freelancer.

Whatever option you choose for your project at the end your site will be hopefully published somewhere in the huge WWW.
The next and probably more important step is to promote your site.Why? In the very beginning, only the searching engines and you (ok maybe some of your friends too) will be aware of your amazing website,but that is it.
Unless your site has an absolutely charming name for a website (mine it's called crimbl.com, cool ay ?) you will have to put some really big efforts for advertising its existence and purpose to the big audience-your customers and resources consumers.
NB: I'd like to share with you that as per some experts or guru's in this niche the site submitting is not required these days*****.

As per me-I prefer to judge by my own experience, even if in some of their points have lots of sense(see the links below).

Promoting Your Site on the Web

This is one of the most important steps for everyone who owns a website and sooner or later have to think and do something about it.
Not to make this post extensive and boring-I decided to put this chapter in a separate article ,named "Website Publishing,Website Submitting, and Website Promotion.Part Two."In this, second part you can find a short explanation of a number of important terms in the SEO world and some notes ant thoughts about my personal experience for the promotion of a website.


Useful resources: link.svg
*List of the most popular the Search Engines you can submit your website to:

Google (www.google.com)
Yahoo (www.yahoo.com)
Bing (www.bing.com)
Yandex (www.yandex.com)
Duck Duck Go (www.duckduckgo.com)
Ask (www.ask.com)
Baidu (www.baidu.com)
GigaBlast (www.gigablast.com)
AllTheweb (www.alltheweb.com)
Exalead (www.exalead.com/search)
Qwant (www.qwant.com)
HotBot (www.hotbot.com)
Lycos (www.lycos.com)
AOL (www.aol.com)
Dogpile (www.dogpile.com)
My Web Search (www.mywebsearch.com)
Sogou (www.sogou.com)
Search (www.search.com)
Yippy (yippy.com)

**Links to resources with explanations for submitting a website to the Search Engines:


***Software for Website submission:


****Websites for submitting a website to the Search Engines for free:



*****Why you don't have to submit your site to the Search Engines as per some experts:



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