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How To Post a New Blog on Blogr ?




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Using Blogr  » Blogs

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You can publish a new Blog on Blogr in two ways:


1. Click here to publish a new blog post on Blogr

2. Go To Blogs and Click on Create Your Unique Blog


When the New Blog entry panel appears, follow below sequence to publish a new blog post:

1. Choose and Unique Headline for your New Blog Post and enter it in the Field "Title".

2. The URL of your new blog post should be created automatically and will appear in the field "Custom Url", located just below the "Title" field. If you prefer, you can change manually the URL of your blog post, before you publish it.

3. Press the "Check Availability" button in order to make sure the URL address of your new blog post or article is available. This is required to ensure each entry is assigned with a unique address.


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